Whether driving a police car or a local cab, this week's Five Questions candidate definitely knows his way around Rockland.

For more than 25 years, he maneuvered Rockland police cruisers throughout the city — seeking out the bad guys and protecting the citizens of the area. He retired as deputy police chief in 1992.

Now, entering his 10th year behind the wheel of Joe's Taxi, Lewis "Lew" Metcalf delivers his passengers safely to their destinations.

The Rockland native could write a book on his experiences with the Rockland Fire and Police Departments, as well as his six years on the Rockland City Council. Not to mention, some of the things he has heard and seen behind the wheel of his blue taxi.

From being in True Detective magazine for his investigative work on a murder case to having a passenger in his cab tell him he saved their life when he was a police officer, Metcalf has touched many a life in the Rockland area.

He took time out before playing family cabbie for one of his five grandchildren to answer these five questions:

Why did you become a taxi driver?

"I like to drive and I know the area. Some of my passengers have said I should become a tour guide. This job is for anybody that likes driving — particularly someone retired. That's me. And it's a service-oriented job."

What do you miss most about not being a police officer?

"The people. That's one of the reasons I like this job. Some people recognize my name from being an officer. Some I tell and they ask me 'what is crime like here?' I tell them no different. We have everything they have but on a smaller scale."

What did you like about being on the city council?

"Back then, people came to us. We were voted to represent everybody. If we proved beyond a reasonable doubt that what we were doing was the best thing for Rockland there were no questions."

How is this job similar to being a police officer?

"In both careers I have served generations of families. One time, I picked up a guy I had arrested a few years back. He recognized me and got in the front seat of the taxi. He said 'Last time I rode with you I had to ride in the back.'

What are you most proud of?

"Being married to my wife Lillian for 49 years. Also my two children and five grandchildren."

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