Rockport Selectmen agreed Sept. 8 to accept a gift of tools and equipment from Hope Volunteer Fire Department Inc., with the provision the two fire chiefs draft an agreement regarding future use of the equipment.

“This is a donation of extrication equipment,” Rockport Town Manager Richard Bates said. ”The West Rockport department responds to a lot of calls for accidents in Hope, so a resident of Hope made a donation to the fire department and the Hope Fire Department felt that the equipment was better suited to be housed on a truck we have at the West Rockport station.”

Hope Volunteer Fire Department Inc. is the nonprofit organization that handles fundraising for the fire department.

Hope Fire Chief Clarence Keller spoke Sept. 4 about the nearly $18,000-value donation reluctantly, saying the charitable organization prefers not to “flaunt its benevolence.” Hope Volunteer Fire Department Inc. wanted to expand Rockport's extrication capability, Keller said.

Bates recommended to the board they accept the gift with the provision the two chiefs work out an agreement that would outline mutual aid and the future of the donation following department leadership changes.

“We already have a mutual aid agreement, this is something that will memorialize the equipment as a gift to Rockport,” Bates said.

Selectman Geoffrey Parker said he felt the donation showed foresight by Hope and housing the equipment at the more central West Rockport station for Route 17 crashes is a good idea.

“Kudos to them for the two chiefs to be able to work together,” he said.