After-School Care

There are still openings available at "Melissa's House." Melissa's House is a licensed child care home in Hope. Care includes Teachers' Workshop Days, snow days, school vacation days as well as summer care. Before school care, including school delays is not offered. Please call Melissa Nelson at 763-4030 for more information.


Start saving your pennies, nickels and quarters for this month. Why? Because the first part of your taxes are due. Be sure and pay them on time.

Class Lunches

Class of Camden/Rockport 1958 will be holding their class lunch Thursday, Sept. 11, at The Helm at noon. Please plan to attend and have a good time.

Class of Camden/Rockport 1960 will be holding their class lunch Friday, Sept. 12, at The Offshore Restaurant. If you have questions contact Margaret Morse at 763-3344 or Juanita Hunt at 785-4163. This is come one/come all.

Benefit Supper

There will be a benefit potluck barbecue chicken supper Saturday, Sept. 13, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. to benefit Tyler Woods (grandson of Ginny and Joe Ryan of Hope) for funeral and hospital expenses; as well as to raise funds to help his friend, Antonio Seccareccio, who had his leg crushed in the accident. He will require many operations in the future.

The benefit is at South Hope Community Church gymnasium on Route 17 in South Hope. There will also be an auction during supper. Among the items to be auctioned is 10 pounds of lobster.

The supper and auction are welcome to any and all making a donation to the cause. Donations are welcome!