Local author and Camden's official historian Barbra Dyer has released a follow-up to her 2010 book “Who's Who at Mountain View” titled “Who's Who at Mountain View part II.”

Dyer's book continues to research and discover the local history of those buried in Mountain View Cemetery and gives readers a glimpse into the towns rich history of sailing and textiles.

In the forward, she explains that after publishing the first book about the people buried in the cemetery and their contributions, she felt that a volume II is necessary.

Unlike the first book, Dyer strayed away from describing the the cemetery and rather focused on the stories of the people in it.

Historical Camden characters like Albert Bennett, chief engineer on many boats, to Albert “Foggy” Bennett II, who was known to locals as “Mr. Baseball.”

Stories told of a by-gone era, when Camden was a booming textile and shipping hub and men like C. Wilkes Babb, who ran the Knox Mill for more than 70, working every day until he died.

Dyer's ability to connect the past with the present in this book draws important parallels between the two, what the town was like in it's infancy, to where it is today – and the people that made it that way.

Camden Town Manager Patricia Finnigan prefaced the book stating, “Barbara's inquisitive and skillful approach to this endeavor allows her to weave a narrative of Camden's history that transports us to those times. Her writing draws us in as she conjures up memories of people and events and makes one feel like they are getting the inside scoop.”

Dyer's painstaking research and her love for local history makes the book very informative and accurate and regardless if you are a native to Camden or new to the town, the book is well worth the read.

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Copies of “Who's Who in Mountain View part II” are available for purchase from the author or in local bookstores for $20.