Age before beauty? Beauty before age? Let’s leave the age out and just talk about two guys, one an adolescent kitten and the other a mature older man and both of them gorgeous, sweet-tempered, loving cats looking for a home of his own.

Kale is a sweetheart. And his long legs — extra toes on both front paws! — beautiful symmetrical chiaroscuro markings and obvious joy in being who he is make him extra special. Kale would adore having a home and a family to call his own. He gets along well with his colleagues and absolutely loves everyone he meets, but he’d really like to have some special people to love and love him back. How do we know that, you may ask. Like rolling off a log. Look at that eager face and tell us we’re wrong.

If you’re looking for a buddy to hang out with, look no farther. Manuel is right here waiting for you. At 13 years old, he has eschewed a lot of his younger habits and now wants nothing more than to hang out, gobble up some wet food from time and time and share his company with someone else. Getting on this beautiful gentleman may be, but his spirit is ageless and his heart as young as it ever was. To see him is to love him, so clap your peepers on him soon and get yourself a friend for life.

Didn’t we say not too long ago that kitten season is never really over? Well, it ain’t this year neither. We are still getting pregnant cats in, and we are in real need of adding some names to our foster family list.  If you’d like to help take care of a pregnant cat or a mom and her new family, give us a call. Fostering kittens is not only fun and rewarding. It’s absolutely critical to their socialization and their transformation from rambunctious babies to loving and well-behaved youngsters. We supply everything you need; you bring love, patience, time and attention and a readiness to join in the fun and laugh a lot.

On our URGENT wish list: bleach, paper towels, canned cat food and dry cat food. You can leave donations in our foyer anytime, day or night. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

As the days get shorter and winter nearer, think about having a warm body in your lap or at the foot of your bed (and lots of luck on that one. Every cat we’re ever known has slept so close to us that getting up for any reason can be a calamity for everyone involved). So stop in and see our beautiful bunch here at the shelter at 146 Camden St. in Rockport from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. If you’re pressed for time (and if you are, you might take a good lesson from cats who hurry only when absolutely necessary, such as in pursuit of a mousie or a meal), you can see everyone on our Facebook page or at our website at! And thank you, as always, for your kind generosity and your staunch support.