Erosion problems at Camden Snow Bowl have continued to decrease in recent weeks, according to a redevelopment report authored by Parks and Recreation Director Landon Fake.

He said in the Aug. 15 report that ongoing erosion control measures and supervision from both Gartley and Dorsky engineers and Maine Department of Environmental Protection have resulted in "good headway stabilizing the mountain."

In June, heavy rains caused runoff from Ragged Mountain to turn Hosmer Pond a muddy brown and led to an investigation by DEP into the cause. The runoff was determined to be caused by topsoil piled in the parking area of the Snow Bowl as well as logging operations that were part of the redevelopment process.

Fake noted heavy rains in mid-August saw little erosion.

"The project is in no danger of being shut down by DEP," Fake wrote. "Water quality in Hosmer Pond has not been significantly affected. Recent bacteria and turbidity tests confirm this."

Redevelopment and construction of trails will also help with erosion controls, he said, because additional measure will be put in place to prevent a recurrence.

"All new terrain, and much of the existing, has/will have many more water bars, sedimentation traps, and culverts to manage runoff," Fake said." … The DEP has not yet issued a notice of violation. Whether this happens and whether the town is fined is impossible to know at this point."

Regular visits by the DEP have taken place throughout July and August.

As far as redevelopment overall, the project also continues to progress. The remaining few trees slated for removal to allow for trail expansion and the new lift were dealt with using machinery that allowed in-place chipping and in-ground mulching. Fake said use of the mulcher — deemed the 'brontosaurus' by Snow Bowl staff — was more expensive but more environmentally sound from an erosion control standpoint.

Blasting of ledge has also gone according to schedule, as has installation of a new, permanent access road. Snow-making pipes are being welded in anticipation of installation and several lift towers already are assembled.

"Like most lift installations, we expect this project to come down to the wire," Fake said, adding the project remains on track to have all three new lifts up and running by Christmas. It is anticipated the Snow Bowl will open this season on Dec. 20.

Ongoing reports regarding the redevelopment can be found online at