Planning Board

The Planning Board will be holding a public hearing Tuesday, Sept. 2, at Hope Town Office at 6:30 p.m. If you want more information call the town office 763-4199.

Class Lunch

The Camden and Rockport class of 1958 will be holding their class lunch at The Helm on Sept. 11 at noon. This is come one, come all. If you have questions call Rosy Winslow. Please come, we sure have a good time.

Ladies Club

Members of the Hope Ladies Club will be holding their first meeting this fall Sept. 9. Members and guests should be at the Hope Corner Fire Station at 9:30 a.m. From there they will carpool to tour the first place. We will be there for a 1/2 hour then on to the second place by 10:30 and we will be there for an hour. Leaving there by 11:30, we will go to the church in South Hope for lunch. Each person will pay for their own lunch.

If any guests would like to come please call me and let me know. If you want more information about this mystery ride call Margaret Morse 763-3344 or Juanita Hunt 785-4316.

School Starts

Don't forget that in Hope school will start Tuesday, Sept. 2. If you have moved into Hope and have a child in this school be sure to call them to find out the details. High school started Wednesday, Aug. 27.

Please be careful and watch for the school buses.