A Spruce Head woman who was late for a court hearing Aug. 26 was arrested at the Knox County Courthouse later that day and charged with assault after she spit in a drug agent's eye.

Becky Condon, 24, was scheduled to appear for a hearing in Knox County Superior Court. When she failed to show up, a warrant for her arrest was issued by Justice John O'Neil.

Condon was ordered to be held without bail at her initial court appearance on the new charge Aug. 27 and she remains custody.

Condon was arrested by Maine Drug Enforcement agents for a probation violation when she left the courtroom Aug. 26. She began to yell at agents Scott Quintero and Sgt. James Pease, calling them liars. While walking down the stairs of the courthouse in handcuffs, Condon attempted to pull away from officers, and complained the handcuffs were hurting her, according to an affidavit filed by Pease.

Agents asked Condon to calm down several times and said they would adjust the cuffs when they were outside, but she continued to yell at them and threatened legal action against them, said the affidavit.

When Quintero attempted to latch Condon's seat belt when she was in the back seat of a cruiser, she turned and spit in his face, hitting him directly in the eye, said court papers.

Officers from the Rockland Police Department were called and came to assist in transporting Condon to the Knox County Jail. While in custody, Condon apologized for acting out of control and denied being on drugs. According to Pease's report, Condon would alternate from acting calm and answering questions to screaming and yelling. Other inmates commented on her behavior, and one told her to stop using " salts," said the affidavit.

Condon was also charged with violating conditions of release.

Condon will appear in court again Oct. 29.