The headline in the New York Times Tuesday morning, Aug. 19 read: "National Guard troops fail to quell unrest in Ferguson."

Nine nights of protests and chaos in the St. Louis suburb have followed news of police fatally shooting an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown. The protests have included peaceful demonstrations and violence including looting, throwing bottles at police, gun shots and Molotov cocktails. Law enforcement agencies have responded aggressively with armored vehicles, police in riot gear, tear gas and even rubber bullets.

Autopsy results show Brown was shot six times in the confrontation with a white police officer. Police say the teen was shot during a struggle with the officer over the gun, but protesters argue the shooting is a case of injustice and are calling for the officer involved to be charged in Brown's death.

Across the nation, the unrest in Ferguson has ignited a national discussion about civil rights in America.

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