Over the past year, we have had to deal with a series of disastrous circumstances that have caused concern and consternation across all areas of our country.

Frustrations with the IRS targeting scandals, the intrusion of the NSA on our privacy issues, questionable service for our veterans, and gross mismanagement at numerous VA hospitals have pointed to a serious lack of effective leadership from the current administration. These domestic situations reveal either incompetence or exceptionally poor judgment, and now these are compounded by our incoherent foreign policy throughout the world.

I ask that you consider the following events. First, our failure in Libya to fulfill a policy of stability has led us to vacate our embassy in Tripoli in the dark of night and rush from Libya to neighboring Tunisia. Follow up this fiasco with our tepid response to Putin’s naked aggressive actions to disrupt the Ukraine and all he did to split the country into warring factions. In addition, Russia annexed the Crimea, which was a strategic area of the Ukraine on the Black Sea. Obama is completely overmatched by Putin; all our country has done in retaliation is to place weak and ineffective sanctions on the Russians. Neither have we supplied the Ukraine with any military weapons, but only with MRE’s (meals ready to eat). Our diplomacy to address the conflict between Israel and Hamas has caused more friction with our only real ally in the area, Israel. The Iranian negotiations on their ability to develop a nuclear bomb is simply another example of allowing these untrustworthy people to stall and then proceed to get closer and closer to their objective.

Now our president has permitted “targeted bombing” on ISIS to help prevent this group of extremists from butchering Christians and other minorities, and also to provide some air cover for our consulate in Irbil, Iraq. In the short run, this is necessary, but again Obama exhibits a lack of understanding of the serious nature of this extreme group that only a short time ago he labeled as "junior varsity." Unfortunately, today they now control large sections of both Syria and Iraq, and Baghdad is close to being encircled. We are now moving the majority of our embassy personnel out of Baghdad and into southern Iraq. This situation should have been recognized and a positive plan put into effect several months ago. The Kurds in northern Iraq have for a long time had a close relationship with our country, and although they have requested upgraded military hardware, none has been sent to them. It is a fact that significant military assets could be airlifted from Germany to them in less than 24 hours. However, at this point Obama vacillates.

ISIS presents a problem that many in this country are not aware of. There are dissidents from our country and also Europe that have joined with ISIS and all of these radicalized individuals represent a serious threat to our national security and also to our allies in Europe. ISIS must be bombed not just in targeted areas, but with a full scale air attack mission to disrupt and destroy as much as possible any further intrusion on their part. We should couple this by providing the warriors from Kurdistan on the ground with the necessary weaponry to defeat ISIS.

It is apparent that our country does not want another extended land war, but it is essential to proceed with sound plans and to execute them in a timely manner. We must stop the continued reactive programs and the policy of leading from behind. Our country and its role in the world should not continue to be diminished.

I encourage all who read this article to respond this November and send a strong message to those who support this weak and ineffective individual when you arrive at the polls.

Another View is contributed by a group of concerned individuals who meet each week to discuss events of public interest.