In this week's On The Line poll, we asked if people could afford their health care and whether the role of government in providing health care should be expanded. We received 95 responses. Below are comments made by those who took the poll.

"Cradle to grave universal single-payer healthcare. Get it out of the for-profit arena."

"We need the Affordable Health Care Act to cover everyone. We need the same health care that Congress so generously gives to themselves. Creeps."

"Health care is a necessary human right. Universal health care has been achieved in most countries of Western Europe and our neighbor to the north, and there is no practical reason why it cannot be implemented in the U.S. except for political opposition of vested interests."

"The Affordable Health Act has enabled me to receive health care for the first time in 25 years. It needs to be tweaked, but it is a good thing for this state and this nation."

"Clearly the financing of our health care system is broken. There's got to be a better way to contain costs and provide services other than cost shifting."

"Health care should be viewed as a human right, not a for-profit enterprise brokered by capitalists. I am a free-market advocate in almost every other aspect of our economy, but not health care. Health is a foundational condition from which springs the possibility of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

"I believe health care should be available for all U.S. citizens. We are a very wealthy country and we choose not to take care of our children, our elderly, our vets and our mentally ill. Shame on us."

"The more the government becomes involved, the worse the system becomes broken… More free market options with less government involvement, please."

"The government should not be involved in health care at all."

"I would prefer that either we have complete government medical or we fix the broken insurance business. They are the only ones that do not think it is broken."

"All of the developed countries in the world have some form of socialized medicine. We are the ONLY developed country that does not. Our politicians have to stop bowing to the AMA lobby!!"

"When you use the term 'government' you're talking about me, right?"

"Patients should be permitted to cross state lines to purchase health insurance and to see their desired health care providers. If people cannot afford health insurance, the government can provide subsidies on a sliding scale. Patients should be responsible and take care of themselves by not smoking, not becoming overweight, not abusing drugs, and not being promiscuous."

"The government should have stayed out of health care in the first place. Obamacare was a mistake that the country cannot afford."

"Many of us that have complicated medical problems can't even GO to the doctors because we can't afford to AND because this state HAS no doctors."

"Healthcare should not be just for those who can afford it."

"We had the best health care system in the world until Obamacare, Now it's getting more scarce and more expensive."

"We should have universal healthcare, period. We still live like a third world country, and its disgusting."

"Affordable Health Care act did not make health care affordable for the working class."

"Lower the age for Medicare to 60. Then when you retire you can still eat. Nobody ever says take away my Medicare."

"Obamacare doesn't work for people who work and make a living. I was better off before Obamacare, and wasn't forced to pay high monthly payments. My Obamacare was to be $750 a month with a $13,500 deductible. What kind of coverage is that! But doctors visits are free, big deal."

"Government screws up anything they are involved in, stay out of our healthcare."

"The health care system is only good for the rich and insurance co."

"I feel worse for the working poor who do not qualify for Maine Care, but cannot afford healthcare premiums."

"The whole thing needs to be changed so it works."

"Our health insurance has more than doubled since the Affordable Health Care Act went into effect."

"Work where they provide health insurance."

"Obama Care is a good thing for the U.S."

"The cost of health care in this country is outrageous. A government health care plan, no matter how flawed, would have to be superior to leaving health care to those who only want to make money off our misery. Doctors, too, make entirely too much money. One should go into medicine as a calling, not a business venture. Why should we criticize teachers for wanting to earn a decent living but not doctors, who, study after study shows, make frequent mistakes and misdiagnoses."

"I'm lucky because my current employer has a generous benefit plan, but we all should have better health care access."

"Seniors are the most vulnerable and need dental more in aging. No matter how much care when younger, the costs to seniors is prohibited. Medicare should include dental for seniors."

"Obamacare is a major step forward in making health care work for all and if we could keep politics out of it it would work even better."

"Get the insurance companies out of our health care!"

"OBAMA CARE is the worst thing to come down the pike and the American people are going to be hurt by OBAMA CARE in the long run."