Local high school teacher Aaron Henderson and wife Colleen Duggan describe their experiences during their 2012-2013, eight-month cruise to the Caribbean and back during a talk Wednesday, Aug. 20, at 7 p.m. at Camden Yacht Club. The public is invited.

Their two children Ian, 11, and Julian, 8, at the time of the trip accompanied them on the family’s Formosa 46, Redwings. The family cruised the Virgin Islands, spent two months in Culebra where the children attended local schools where all the classes (except English) were in Spanish, then on to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Redwings then set off again for the English-speaking world as the family cruised the Bahamas, made a fast crossing to the USA (400 miles in 48 hours), and enjoyed a very educational trip up the Inter Coastal Waterway and Northeast Coast of the country before arriving back in Camden in July.

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