The Maine Department of Corrections, on Aug. 12, graduated 17 correctional officers and one Correctional Care and Treatment Worker at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in Vassalboro as the MDOC's Graduation Class of 2014-03.

The graduates were welcomed by MDOC Director of Training Angie Newhouse. The Maine Correctional Center Color Guard performed the presentation of colors. Officer Alston Muir recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

Officers Lauren Green, Kim Loiacono, and Christina Moreno then recited the "Corrections Officers Code of Ethics," which describes the role of correctional officers. The code begins, "As a Corrections Professional, my primary concern is to serve people and to be ever mindful of the responsibilities entrusted in me by the public; to protect the lives of those placed in my charge; to safeguard the weak against oppression or intimidation and the peaceful against violence or disorder."

MDOC Associate Commissioner Cynthia Brann gave the graduation keynote address.

Correctional Care and Treatment Workers work inside Maine's correctional facilities in support of mental health professionals and security staff in the development, implementation, adjustment, and ongoing delivery of prisoner's care and treatment in correctional facilities.

The ten corrections officer graduates who will be on duty at Maine State Prison in Warren are: Christopher Allen, Nicholas Dever, Alan Feener, Jared Lea, Eric McVay, Alston Muir, James Novak, Thomas Richardson, Christopher Therrien and Heather Thompson.

The seven graduates who will be on duty at Maine Correctional Center in Windham are: David Farnum, Lauren Green, Aaron Le, Kimberly Loiacono, Christina Moreno, Scott Turner, Nathan Varney.

The graduating CCTW, who will be on duty at Maine State Prison, is Rodney Pinkham.

For more information on becoming a Maine Correctional Officer or a Correctional Care and Treatment Worker contact MDOC Personnel Officer Laurie A. Hayden, 287-2711 or