Unique position

Would you say that buying a newspaper put Reade Brower in a unique position? Can you imagine being able to say most anything you wanted in print without having your carefully worded thoughts ignored or passed over by an editor with only half your brains and erudition?

If you read Mr. Brower’s comments on hate and stupidity in America today in his Aug. 7 Courier, you might have asked yourself how a man who can see things so clearly and write about them with such economy would even bother to own a newspaper.

Did you then not bemoan the fact that his is a voice howling in the wilderness? Did you ask yourself how a tiny, obscure newspaper on the coast of Maine could hope to keep even a local public informed when it is up against the most efficient media juggernaut that has existed since the Dead Sea Scrolls?

Last week a good friend who stopped in here at the humble farm mentioned that he hated Obama. If you pressed him, you might discover that he had no reasons for hating Obama, other than that he had heard on Fox that hating Obama was the patriotic thing for a flag-waving American to do.

After reading Mr. Brower’s comments did you think to yourself that if he really wanted to eliminate hate, insanity and stupidity in America today, he might start by simply buying Fox News?

Robert Skoglund

The humble Farmer

St. George


For Rose Sorbello, Class of 1960 RHS

Reflected on my copper table top

are eighteen crimson roses

bought for $13.25 at Hannaford’s

did I buy them for beauty

did I buy them for long life

a life that will stick by us

here in Rockland

Rose’s hometown, her school claimed her

where is she now

in this hallowed ground

where so many of the town’s citizens lie

or is she traveling across God’s Universe

to grow to fruition

blossoming to life to bless

another world

we are not permitted to know

we wish, we hope, we pray

but cannot be certain of further life

billions have, do believe

with minor differences

can so many be wrong

should we hold our little port city dear

is the smell of salt fog

drifting across the Head of the Bay

the elixir of salvation

for the few years we live

picking Beach Roses

for loved ones, to impress them

of our duty to memory

that what one might think

to be an ordinary life

can blaze in minds unknown

a kindness, a soft word

held tightly in the heart

covers us with a touch of glory

which the loveliness of a Rose always brings


Kendall Merriam, Home, 7/30/14 5:09 PM

Listening to a CD by IZ in English and Hawaiian


Miramant will protect coast

On July 17, the Department of the Interior announced a decision to proceed with seismic airgun testing for oil and gas resources off the Mid- and South Atlantic coasts. While testing is not planned off the Maine coast, we will feel the ramifications. The planned surveys will employ loud and damaging technologies, causing major adverse impacts to marine wildlife and the ecosystem. According to the Department’s own estimates, seismic exploration could injure or kill upwards of 130,000 whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals over the next eight years.

The surveys will also pave the way for the expansion of oil and gas development off the Atlantic coast.

The East Coast is fully protected from offshore lease sales in the current Five-Year Plan, through 2017. Whether we're included in the next Plan is a huge point of contention. Dave Miramant is the State Senator I want in office representing Knox County as pressure is needed to urge BOEM to protect Maine’s coastline from lease sales and drilling. Dave championed legislation to protect Maine’s coast in his time in the Maine State Legislature, and will continue to advocate for the ocean when we elect him to State Senate District 12 this year.

Our economy is fundamentally dependent on coastal industries. In 2012, shore-adjacent Maine counties generated nearly $31.7 billion in GDP, which is 59.2 percent of our state’s output. Oil and gas development would put Maine industries, as well as our state’s quality of life, in jeopardy.

We cannot drill our way to energy independence. We need to find sustainable alternatives, we need to invest in renewable energy, and we need to get out and vote on November 4 to elect Dave Miramant. Dave knows that protecting Maine’s coast is fundamental to all Mainers, regardless of Party affiliation. Dave understands that investment in clean energy will not only bring about energy independence but will also stimulate Maine’s economy while protecting our most treasured natural resource – the ocean.

Public input is crucial to protect Maine’s coast. The public comment period for the Five-Year Oil and Gas Leasing Program is open through Aug. 15. To express opposition to the expansion of oil and gas development in U.S. waters and urge the Department of Interior to exclude the Northeast Planning Area from scheduled lease sales in the next 5-Year Plan, visit: boem.gov/Five-Year-Program-2017-2022/. To learn more about Dave Miramant for State Senate, visit: davemiramant.com.

Melissa Gates


Wonderful service

I wish to recognize the generosity and wonderful service we received from a few local businesses. Early last spring we lost a Board member, a parent, and a dear friend to our Hope Elementary School community. After careful consideration, the staff of HES decided to have a granite bench in memory of Mike Bracher.

We got in touch with Rockport Granite, Inc. We had exceptional service from their Front Desk Sales Department. She was so helpful and patient and worked within our guidelines. The beautiful bench was brought to Brooks Monuments and then delivered to our school and placed under a tree, just as envisioned.

I would like to thank Rockport Granite, Inc. for a very generous donation and your incredible service and to Brooks Monuments, as well. It could not have been for a better person. It is the purpose we regret.

Danielle S. Fagonde, Principal

Hope Elementary School