Rep. Jeffrey Evangelos, I-Friendship, has been awarded two important endorsements for his candidacy for House District 91, which includes Friendship, Waldoboro, Washington, and West Union.

In a letter to Evangelos, the Maine Conservation Voters endorsed Rep. Evangelos "because of your strong record of voting for Maine's environment. We appreciate your steadfast vision and vigilance this past legislative session to conserve our natural legacy for future generations."

Evangelos commented in a press release that "this endorsement from the Maine Conservation group, with Board members from both major political parties, sends an important signal to voters that he supports a wide range of conservation activities that benefit Maine. As a member of the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Committee in the Legislature, I am particularly pleased with this endorsement because it also signals to our sportsmen and women that I have the commitment to maintain a healthy environment that supports the sporting community, an important engine for our economy."

Evangelos also received high praise from the Maine Education Association, which endorsed his candidacy because of his "commitment to public schools."

Evangelos earned an A grade for his voting record in support of public education. "Given my background as a school administrator for SAD/RSU 40, I am particularly pleased to receive the education endorsement. I co-sponsored a variety of legislation to support our public schools and testified before the Education Committee on behalf of Maine's students and school boards, so I am gratified that the MEA has endorsed my candidacy with an A grade."