A Stockton Springs man remains at the Knox County Jail after he was arrested for sending a female victim threatening messages that caused her to fear for her safety.

Tyler J. Damon, 22, had bail set at $1,500 cash Aug. 11 on charges of domestic violence terrorizing, violation of a protective order and harassment.

Damon is accused of telling the victim through Facebook he was going to tie her and one of her three children up and kill them both. Damon also told her to sleep with one eye open, and said no protective order or police would stop him.

"Don't worry you'll be dead before the 11th so no time for a 2- or 4-year order," he wrote in the message, adding that even if all the pieces of her were found, no one could prove it was him.

He also told her she would come home one day to find her child's blood and guts in her home.

Rockport Police Department Officer Cooper Plaisted wrote in an affidavit that on Aug. 3, he met with the victim and had her explain the situation. She told him Damon had been sending her messages via Facebook when their relationship ended, and despite an active protection form abuse order she had against him. The victim works in Rockport, which is why the complaint is being heard in Knox County courts.

The victim said she was scared and feared she and her three children could be at risk.

When interviewed by police, Damon said another person has access to his password and sent the messages.

He will appear in court again Oct. 27.