The motto of the second annual event, which appeared on hats, banners and shirts, was 'Get Crackin' ' and the finely-tuned athletes did just that — but accomplished the feat with a long paddle.

Such was the mode of operation for the more than 50 standout athletes, including children, who participated in the Lobster SUP CUP paddleboard races Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 9-10 in and around Camden and Rockport harbors.

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The event featured more participants — including one of the fastest paddlers in the world in Lina Augaitis — an additional day of events and the appearance of an inspiring athlete who also is a wounded veteran.

The SUP CUP kicked off with Marine Staff Sgt. Mark Zambon's talk about resilience. It was a topic he knows well: 18 months after he lost both legs in Afghanistan, Zambon climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

Zambon is a highly-competitive swimmer. The talk, in support of the Lobster SUP CUP's benefit organization, Operation Rebound, was Thursday, Aug. 7 at the Camden Yacht Club.

On Friday, Aug. 8, there was be a paddle clinic, directed by two former three-time Olympic athletes Terry Kent and Veronica Ribot-Canales, who taught proper standup paddleboard technique, at Hosmer Pond next to the Camden Snow Bowl. A story and photos from that event will appear later.

Racing over the weekend included 10-mile loops out of Camden and Rockport. There also was suppose to be a three-mile recreation race on Sunday, Aug. 10 in Rockport Harbor.

The SUP CUP continues to grow as this year's race had perhaps twice as many competitors as the first SUP CUP last year.

"The sport is doubling every year and we plan to match that growth," said race co-founder Thor Emory. "We've got absolutely stunning race courses here in Penobscot Bay, and our goal is to run an inclusive, fun, and inspiring event that showcases our local area to the sport of SUP while benefiting Operation Rebound."

The weekend events centered around Wayfarer Marine in Camden.

Saturday's race started near Curtis Island near the Camden Harbor, went out into Penobscot Bay and then returned to Camden Harbor.

Sunday's race was in and out in Rockport Harbor.

The race results, two days combined ($2,000 for first men's and women's, $1,000 for second, $500 for third): 1, Cyril Burguire, Canada, 3:37:21; 2, Bill Kraft, U.S. Virgin Islands, 3:45:35; 3, Patrick Broemmel, Mass., 3:48:13; 4, Terry Kent, N.Y., 3:48:19 (1st men's masters); 5, Travis Hayes, Maine, 3:53:00; 6, Sam English, Mass., 3:55:14; 7, Lina Augaitis, Canada, 3:56:56 (1st women's); 8, Emerson Smith, Md., 3:59:18; 9, Adrian Johnson, Mass., 4:02:06; 10, Kjell Van Sice, Hawaii, 4:02:16 (1st men's on 12-6 board); 11, Mike Long, Maine, 4:02:39; 12, Jack Egam, state unavailable, 4:05:46; 13, Rafael Adams, Maine, 4:07:53; 14, Dave Porter, state unavailable, 4:13:00; 15, Scott King, Maine, 4:14:05; 16, Chris Strout, Maine, 4:17:27; 17, Burr Tupper, Mass., 4:17:36; 18, Brannon Fisher, state unavailable, 4:21:15; 19, Mike Navarra, Mass., 4:32:09 (2nd men's masters); 20, Brian Cody, Maine, 4:33:18 (3rd men's masters); 21, Kim Reilly, Mass., 4:33:51 (2nd women's/1st women's masters); 22, Wendy Anderson, Ohio, 4:40:09 (3rd women's/ 2nd women's masters); 23, Luke Vicens, N.H., 4:46:45; 24, Allison Reid, Maine, 4:49:16; 25, Augie Owen, Mass., 4:55:06; 26, Ann Schulz, Maine, 4:58:34; 27, Sarah Beasley, Maine, 5:08:51; and 28, Amy Squeglia, Mass., 5:31:33.

Recreational race (2.5 miles) — 1, Veronica Ribot-Canales, 31:07; 2, David Mcinnis, 31:26; 3, Kaitlyn Fowle, 33:53; 4, Chris Bears, 35:09; 5, Judy Pope, 37:01; 6, Mitchell Baum, 37:12; 7, Wyatt Bracey, 38:00 (age 10); 8, Maeve McInnis, 38:02; 9, Jeff Warren, 38:55; 10, Delia Ives, 40:47; 11, Betsy Kingsley, 41:05; 12, Jessica Daggett, 41:36; 13, Morgan Anderson, 41:45; 14, Finn Emory, 42:59 (age 7); 15, Kathy Mosher, 43:04; 16, Michelee Carlson, 47:58; and 17, Sharyn Pohlman, 50:57.

Children's race — 1, Wyatt Bracey, 3:50; 2, Sophia King, 4:21; 3, Finn Emory, 4:31; 4, Dylan Swift, 4:33; 5, Wyeth Schapiro, 5:14; 6, Ava Tobias, 7:30; 7, Carver Emory, 7:36; and 8, Luke Tobias, 8:40.

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Photos made possible by the transportation around Penobscot Bay by Osprey and captain Jared Cumming. He can reached at or 404-354-1111.