It has been a busy few months on the links at the Rockland Golf Club with many tournaments and weekly league events in the books.

On Aug. 9-10 in club championship play, James Anderson finished first gross 144, while Kyle Durkee finished first net 128.

Nick Mazurek finished first gross 147 and Rob Splaine first net 131 in the men's A Flight with play from the white tees, while Mark Manzi finished first gross 162 and Bill Willis first net 135 in the men's B Flight white tees. Bob Sommers finished first gross 140 and Armand Plourd 131 in the men's gold tees, while Tammy King shot first gross 175 and Madolin Fogarty first net 135 in women's red tees.

On Aug. 7 in women's play, in A Flight, Madolin Fogarty finished first gross 91; Jan Bradeen, first net 65; Bobbi Andrus, second gross (no score listed); and Kathy MacPherson and Becky Gamage, tied second net 72. Kathy MacPherson and Jan Bradeen each had the fewest putts with 30.

In B Flight, Heidi Lyman finished first gross 101; Wendy Dewing, first net 67; Betty Farrand, second gross 105; and Betty Farrand and Janice Ogier, tied at first net 71. Wendy Dewing had the fewest putts with 31.

On July 31 in women's play, Bobbi Andrus finished first net 69; Joanna Schleif, second net 73; Nancy Carlson, Kathy McPherson and Heidi Lyman, tied third net 75; and Jeanna Fifield and Jan Bradeen, tied sixth net 76.

The pin winners were: Nancy Carlson, 14-5 on the fifth hole; Nancy Carlson, 14-8 on the 10th; and Martha Bouchard, 18-3 on the 18th.

On July 26 in the senior club championship, Helen Plourd shot 81 to win the women's division, while Tim Flanagan shot 77 from the men's white tees and Bob Sommers 68 from the men's gold tees.

Additional men's white tees scores were: Ages 50-59, Randy Hooper, first gross 78; Rob Splaine, first net 69; ages 60-69, Victor Goldsmith, first gross 80; and Peter Imber, first net 65.

Additional men's gold tees scores were: Ages 60-69, Tom Jacobs, first gross 80; Bob Rector, first net 70; ages 70-79, Dean Sasek, first gross 83; Armand Plourd, first net 69; and 80 and older, Ernie Benner, first gross 90.

Additional women's scores were: Ages 60-69, Diana Sommers, first gross 92; and Betty Farrand, first net 116.

On July 25 in a couples tournament, Bob Sommers, Diana Sommers, Doug Whitney and Carol Whitney, along with Ernie Benner, Mary Benner, Madolin Fogarty and Larry Hedaa, tied for first gross 33.

In pins, Diana Sommers finished 19-1 on the fifth hole and Dave Andrus, 5-4 on the same hole.

On July 24 in a nine-hole scramble for twilight league, Jamie Boutin, Jamey Lombardo, Dan Dalfonso and Mark Hallowell shot 28 to finish first gross, while Troy Witham, Steve Brooks, Victor Cole and Paul Frantz shot 28.5 to finish second.

In pins, Ken Knauer finshed 9-6 on the fifth hole.

On July 19 in the member-guest tournament, in the men's division, Ray Felt and Tim Forti, Skip Heald and Ken Knauer and Mike Bonzagni and Bryan Hocking teamed in twosomes to finish first gross 71. Tom Jacobs and Jack Johnson finished first net 58, while Tom Levasseur and Bruce McAfee finished second net 59.

In the mixed division, Nikki Boutin and Jamie Boutin finished first gross 71, while Kim Felt and Anthony Raye finished first net 65.

In the women's division, Helen Plourd and Jean Sweetser finished first gross 79 and Madolin Fogarty and Sybil Davis first net 62.

In men's pins, Jim Raye finished 3-10 on the fifth hole; Tim Forti, 12-8 on the 10th; and Jamie Boutin, 12-6 on the 18the.

In women's pins, Jean Sweetser finished 25-1 on the fifth; Nancy Carlson, 9-2 on the 10th; and Jean Sweetser, 12-9 on the 18th.

Rob Splaine and Len Goeke tied for the longest drive for men, while Sybil Davis had the longest drive for women.

On July 17 in women's play, in A Flight, Jean Brown shot 41 for first; Madolin Fogarty, 40 for second; Arlene Adams and Jan Bradeen, 38 to tie for third; and Virginia Goeke, 32 for fifth.

In B Flight, Joan Hall shot 41 for first; Heidi Lyman and Joanna Schleif, 38 to tie for second; and Janice Ogier, Diane Bryant and Betty Farrand, 30 to tie for fourth.

In pins, Madolin Fogarty was closest to acing the 18th hole.

On July 17 in business league play, Bryan Hocking finished first at plus-6; Scott Arsenault and Charlie Martin, tied for second at plus-5; Dave McClellan, fourth at plus-4; Kyle Durkee and Bill Legage, tied for fifth at plus-2; and Dana White, Bill Willis, Andy Arey, Tom Durkee, Gibbo Lane and Don Schiavi, tied for seventh at plus-1.

In pins, Bryan Hocking was 11-1 from the fifth hole.

On July 10 in women's play, in A Flight, Nancy Carlson finished first gross 91; Bobbi Andrus, second gross 93; Sue Wootton, first net 69; and Kathy MacPherson, second net 71. Bobbi Andrus had the fewest putts with 28.

In B Flight, Jan Bradeen finished first gross 97; Joan Hall, second gross 106; Diane Bryant, first net 72; and Janice Ogier, second net 74. Jan Bradeen and Diane Bryant had the fewest putts with 29.

In pins, Arlene Adams finished 14-2 on the fifth; Bobbi Andrus, 45-11 on the 10th; and Sue Wootton, 8-1 on the 18th.

On June 27 in business league play, Justin Philbrook, Dave McClellan Jr. and Dave McClellan Sr. finished first gross 30; and Bob O'Hara, Randy Sturks, Bill Legage and Gibbo Lane, first net 25.

In pins, Mark Anderson finished 17-2 on the fifth hole.

On June 26 in business league play, Chad Place, Jim Stone, Jeremy Ludwig and Rick Creamer finished first gross 31.

On June 22, Tom Jacobs carded his fifth career hole-in-one, this time on the 210-yard ninth hole. Jacobs, who used a driver, had the event witnessed by playing partners Bob Sommers, Chandler Woodman and Armand Plourd.

In a roll the dice event the same day, the team of Becky Gamage, Madolin Fogarty, Donni Witham and Bobbi Andrus finished first net 64, while Jeanne Fifield, Martha Bouchard, Diane Bryant and Heidi Lyman finished second net 66; and Sue Wootton, Virginia Goeke and Janice Ogier third net 67.

In pins, Bryant finished 32-8 on the 10th; and Donni Witham, 25-8 on the 18th.

On June 21-22 in the three-ball championship, Armand Plourd, Chandler Woodman and Tom Jacobs shot 110 to finish first net, while Dave Andrus, Jim Brannan and Steve Staples shot 113 to finish second net.

On June 20 in a two-person scramble, Dana White and Kim Felt finished first gross 35, while Len Goeke and Virginia Goeke finished first net 25.25.

In women's pins, Bobbi Andrus finished 15-0 on the fifth hole, while Kim Felt was 8-6 on the ninth. In men's pins, Len Goeke finished 27-8 on the fifth, while Dana White was 17-8 on the ninth. Len Goeke made the longest men's putt on the ninth at 11-11, while Bobbi Andrus made the longest women's putt on the same hole at 3-2.

On June 12 in women's play, in a red, while and blue event, the blue team of Madolin Fogarty, Sue Wootton, Wendy Dewing, Janice Ogier and Connie Welt finished first with 16 points.

In pins, Diane Bryant finished 10-10 on the fifth; and Betty Farrand, 23-2 on the 10th; and 16-1 on the 18th.

On June 1 in two-man, best-ball format, in the mixed division, Rob Splaine and Peg Splaine finished first gross 81; Tim Flanagan and Carolyn Flanagan, second gross 82. Kermit Voncannon and Karen Pearson, first net 66; and Sean Sasek and Elaine Ballett, second net 70.

In the women's division, Jane Dagley and Linda Trenholm finished first gross 95; Mary Benner and Cathy Fifield, second gross 96; Julia Levansaler and Casey Lufkin, first net 65; and Martha Bouchard and Connie Welt, along with Pat Griffith and Pam Brown, tied second net 69.

In the men's division, Steve Staples and Jamie Boutin finished first gross 72; Bob Sommers and Steve Norton, along with Tom Jacobs and Stan Wade, tied second gross 75; Kenny Wickenden and Jon Wickenden, first net 56; and Rob Splaine and Patrick Splaine, second net 62.

In pins, Patrick Splaine finished 11 inches on the fifth; Ernie Benner, 13-0 on the 10th; Linda Trenholm, 10-5 on the 10th; and Kevin Labree, 18-6 on the 18th.

On May 29 in women's play, Donni Witham finished first gross 62; Bobbi Andrus, second gross 63; Madolin Fogarty, third gross 66; Janice Ogier, first net 55; Sue Wootton, second net 56.5; and Kathy Sprowl, third net 58.

In pins, Bobbi Andrus finished 26-10 on the fifth hole; and Donni Witham, 50-0 on the 10th.

On May 22 in women's association play, Bobbi Andrus and Arlene Adams finished tied at first gross 72; and Madolin Fogarty, Sue Wootton and Jean Brown, tied third gross 78. Wendy Dewing finished first net 48; and Martha Bouchard and Joan Hall, tied second net 54.

In pins, Madolin Fogarty finished 20-8 on the 10th; and Wendy Dewing, 26-0 on the 18th.

On May 15 in women's three-ball play, Bobbi Andrus, Sue Wootton and Diane Bryant shot 56. Sue Wootton had the fewest putts with 15.

In pins, Wendy Dewing finished 26-3 on the fifth.

On May 11, Anthony Raye carded his first career hole-in-one as he aced the par-3, 149-yard 18th hole using a 7-iron. The feat was witnessed by playing partners Tom Quantrell, James Anderson and Brian Williams.

On May 8 in women's play, Becky Gamage, Wendy Dewing and Janice Ogier finished first at 105, while Jeanne Fifield, Jan Splaine and Jan Bradeen finished second at 110.

In pins, Jeanne Fifield finished 32-3 on the 10th; and Joan Hall, 28-2 on the 18th.