The Gilchrest-Robinson Reunion and Pot Luck Picnic will be held Sunday, Aug. 17, at noon at St. George Grange No. 421, located on Wiley’s Corner Road.

Those who have the last name Merriam, Barter, Snow, Hocking, Morse, Wiley, Watts, Kinney, Lowell, Fuller, Tripp, Gilchrest, Polky, Stone, Thomas, Grace, Maxcy, Young, Orne, Jackson, Smalley, Kalloch, or any of several hundred other names, are probably a descendant of Moses Robinson and are invited.

James Skoglund will read a few interesting letters that were written by family members 150 or more years ago.

Attend at your own risk: One might discover they are a sixth- or seventh-cousins to their spouse.

For information, call Robert Skoglund at 226-7442.