As summer wanes it is time to start thinking about going back to school — and for seniors in the Midcoast, that means going to Coastal Senior College. This fall CSC offers an array of classes from literature to history, art and music and features some popular returning professors as well as some new ones.

Chris Frost, a new CSC instructor, retired Lincoln Academy headmaster and long-time teacher, will present a class Good and Evil in Philosophy, Literature, History and Today’s World. Some key philosophers will be examined and their ideas applied to short works of literature, historical and current events. Richard MacIntyre in a class, The Unreal World of South Korea, will help students understand that secretive country. Antoinette Pimentel, an art historian, will lead a class in The Faces and Phases of Art.

Popular returning professors include John and Maryanne Ward who will again offer a jointly-taught literature class, this time in Dickens’ “Bleak House”; historian Charmarie Blaisdell will intrigue her fans with a class The Dark Side of the Renaissance; former literature and writing professor Barbara LeGendre will lead a class in The World’s Greatest Short Stories; multi-talented Nathan Randall, who has taught classes in the world’s cuisines and in music, will teach The Great American Songbook: A Century of Popular Music 1850 – 1950; and naturalist Joe Gray will offer a dual-subject class, Reptiles and Amphibians and Maine Coastal Geology.

Other classes by popular instructors are Architecture of the Midcoast: Exploring the Historic Styles that Define Our Towns with architect Chris Glass and, new to CSC, Earle Shettleworth, director of the Maine Historic Preservation Commission; Seven Wonders of the Ancient World with Brown University Professor Emeritus Rolf Winkes; The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel (through 10 films) with Steve Shaw; two memoir writing classes, Memoir Writing: Finding Your Story with Caroline Janover and Gathering the Story You Have Within You with Alice Dashiell; and two classes in religion, Augustine: Awesome or Awful? with Byron Stuhlman and Religion: Looking in from the Outside with Paul Samoza.

Ongoing classes, which are free, are The Challenge of Change with Carmen Lavertu, The Writers’ Group with Marilyn Muth, and the CSC Coffee House with Bill Newman and Peter Muth.

CSC serves seniors age 50 and over from Boothbay to Camden. For more information about the classes and costs can be found on the website The first class begins Tuesday, Sept. 9. Call 800-286-1594 to register.