“Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.” — Herman Melville, author, (1819-1891)

Although I believe in a work-fare system and a hand-up vs. a welfare system that perpetuates the plight of the poor with a hand-out that does not include enough incentives to help those struggling get ahead, I still consider myself somewhat liberal in my beliefs that a society is only as good as how it takes care of its elderly, its sick and its disenfranchised.

We need to be spending our time, and our elected legislator’s time working on this, along with health care, border control issues and our foreign policy parameters. Instead, a small minority of people and legislators, hell-bent on hate as their motivating force, continue to pound away at our President and anything that he touches. Some are just plain far right, others racist and some just plain kooky.

It was brought to a head in Rockland last week by out-of-state protesters who visited Maine calling for the impeachment of President Barack Obama. They carried signs and petitions and people stopped, signed the petitions and donated to the campaign; it left me scratching my head. With so many issues plaguing our country, and so much discord in our government, how can anybody waste more time and energy with the end game to further neutralize and marginalize the last two years of an Obama-led administration? I understand the how, but not the why.

It is clearly fueled by hate. I won’t go as far as to say it is racial, but when I saw the Hitler moustache airbrushed on the Impeach Obama poster I had to reconsider. There were a lot of folks who didn’t agree with former President George Bush or his policies toward war, other foreign policy, and blamed him for our fumbled economy. Yet, I did not see the venom and the expression of hate come out even though it could be argued he led us into an undeclared war and also used executive privilege to circumvent Congress and the Senate on numerous occasions. The recessionary period started on his watch and with his actions and policies. Fact is, using executive privilege is what presidents do and it is more about leadership and trying to move an agenda forward than it is about law breaking and abuse of power.

With the protests of Aug. 1, the “anybody but Obama” brigade is hitting a new low. Suing the President in Congress along with any kind of an impeachment process will perhaps advance the agenda of neutralizing Obama but it will do absolutely nothing in helping move our country forward by advancing policies that are bipartisan and common sense based.

Organizer of the Rockland demonstration was Kevin Pearl of Quincy, Mass., who told Dan Dunkle of Courier Publications that the “thumbs up to bird ratio was running 3 to 1” and, if accurate, that is frankly a little scary to consider. I’m sure most people, me included, drove by and ignored the self-appointed zealots for a cause, but in any case seeing people stop and offer support is mind-boggling and troubling. I also believe that most reasonable people wouldn’t give the “bird," no matter how appalling their tactics might have been.

Heidi Washburn’s comment on VillageSoup was poignant as she lamented that it was hard to “take a group seriously that seeks to demonize and instill fear rather than encourage in thoughtful, objective, and constructive discourse.”

Lawrence Butler adds in the comments that LaRouche was convicted of mail fraud 20-plus years ago and spent time in prison for it. Lawrence found it “ironic that a convicted felon should be calling for anyone’s impeachment or that anyone would give this group money”. When Dan Dunkle asked the organizer what the impeachable offenses were, the answer was “the President’s drone attacks in Pakistan and the situation in Ukraine." Lawrence saw this group petitioning in Freeport last year and asked the same question; the response then was Obama’s support of the bank bailout.

Also in the comments, Harold Moser asks: “isn’t this the Lyndon LaRouche, the presidential candidate that proposed (back in the '80s) we send AIDS victims to Mars? Somebody’s hitched their wagon to an exceptionally stupid ox.”

I’m afraid it is Harold. Take comfort that, at the least, LaRouche is an interesting fellow. A Marxist with many allegations pointing toward him being a fascist, racist and anti-semitic, LaRouche ran as a presidential candidate in every election from 1976 to 2004. He even ran one of his campaigns from his prison cell, which he shared for part of his sentence with famed televangelist Jim Bakker, who wrote that LaRouche believed their cell was bugged and, in Bakker’s view, “to say LaRouche was a little paranoid would be like saying that the Titanic had a little leak.”

In the tomorrows ahead, there will be something else for the fringe to exploit as politics creates crisis moments by the minute. Doubtful it will be impeachable, but why not, if the ill winds of hate continue to sway the air we breathe.

History repeats itself and it will happen again and again until We the People step up and say “no more."

Reade Brower can be reached at: reade@freepressonline.com.