Barrett Family Reunion

Approximately 50 people gathered from miles around at the Pearse Farm (years ago it was the Barrett Farm) for their yearly reunion. Many were from out of state.

William Pearse (mother was Ethel Barrett) was the oldest one in attendance. Sons Bill Jr. and Chris with wife Linda hosted the event. William's sister Flora from Tenants Harbor along with her children Billie (with her daughter, son-in-law and baby), Bonnie, Baxter with wife Melody, son Barrett, daughter Tyler and husband from Seaford, Del., attended. Billie's son Gabe from Brunswick also attended. Catherine (Pearse) and Scott Pease, Barbara Barrett Carver from Hope attended along with her niece Anita Barrett Reynolds from Lincolnville. Some of the others who were there were Jim and Vicky Mangan of New York , Gay Folger, Liz, Jaclyn and Nice Henrikson of Pennsylvania plus Nick Folger of New Jersey, Elaine Murdoch and Ray Menard of East Boothbay and a few more who did not sign the guest book. Oh, yes, and me.

It is a pot luck event with plenty of wonderful ideas of food. One was an angel food cake mixed with instant pudding and blueberries and strawberries.

Next year's reunion will be the first Sunday in August at the Pearse Farm, rain or shine. We hold it there as they have a building with garage doors that can be closed if it rains.

Historical Meeting

Hope Historical Society's August meeting will be at Hope Corner Fire Station. Tuesday the 19th at 7 p.m. The speaker will be Cynthia S. Dellapenna, former Norch Road resident and daughter of Hope Chase. As you probably know Cynthia's social history of Hope from 1888 to 1907 has just come out. As its subtitle explains, it is "a rural Midcoast town's history, vital records, biography, economics and gossip from the transcribed "Social News" of the Rockland Courier Gazette newspaper. It is a vital research tool. You may want to get yourself a copy."

It is also 682 pages long. It isn't the sort of book most people will read cover-to-cover. Here is a golden chance to get the synthesis from Cynthia, the author and the one who knows Hope 1888-1907 best. Don't miss it!

Linda Hillgrove will be in charge of refreshments.

Hope Historical Society is meeting at the Hope Corner firehouse because the Historical Home is disrupted during construction of the Faith Ludwig Hart Memorial Room. You can still visit the museum though, either by pre-arrangement or every Monday from 9 a.m. to noon.

Class of 1960

The Camden Class of 1960 will be holding their class lunch Friday, Aug. 8, at noon at the Offshore Restaurant. Please plan to attend. If you have questions contact Margaret Morse at 763-3344.

Loon killed

Last week the Condons on Honeymoon Point recovered a dead loon. It was attracting so much attention that they buried it. At the suggestion of neighbors Bruce and Linda Lord, it was later dug up and taken to Avian Haven in Freedom. They found the injuries consistent with speedboat crash and have sent the corpse out of state for further studies.