Harvest of the Arts

Harvest of the Arts will be at 2 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 7, at the Union Meetinghouse. We have a call out for Appleton artists, authors, musicians, and crafts people who would like to participate. Jan Janville has agreed to be the initial contact person for those interested in participating, either by performing, or exhibiting, or assisting in refreshments and setting up for the day. Jan may be reached at 785-4188.

Blueberry Season

I have been busy with blueberry season for the past week. The crop looks great this year, and we have been selling blueberries like crazy. I always love to see the season come and love to see it go. I think my children long for their normal life during this time of year. Early mornings and late nights take its toll on them. But the never ending supply of fresh blueberries and popsicles seem to help! If you are out and about, stop up by to see the process!