On July 14, Hannah Magnusson began her new position as program manager at Youthlinks in Rockland.

Magnusson joins the Broadreach Family & Community Services team after completing a year-long role as an AmeriCorps staffperson at Youthlinks. During her tenure with AmeriCorps, Magnusson helped plan, develop and deliver high quality out-of-school programs for middle school and high school-aged students. Her programs focused on connecting students to their community, enriching them as people and helping to develop them as young leaders in their school.

" Hannah's future is a bright one. While serving her community through AmeriCorps she worked diligently to hone her craft. Working with young people was among her many passions she intended to pursue and I truly believe that the young people in our community are fortunate to be working with such a focused, talented and passionate person. Her attention to detail when developing programs has been superb and her desire for self and collective improvement is evident from the very moment you meet her," said director of the Youthlinks Program Kris Koerber.

A native of New Hampshire, Magnusson brings a wealth of passion and enthusiasm for learning and teaching. She graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2012.

"I am grateful for the opportunity to continue to work hard to make changes in this community. I look forward to building on my current relationships with our Youthlinks students and to meeting new ones", Magnusson commented recently.

She is currently working with Youthlink's Student Garden Army, an eight-week long program for high school students that will culminate with a student lead tour of their work in the Grassroots Garden Tour on Saturday, Aug. 16. During the school year, Magnusson will be developing and delivering out of school programs to middle school and high school students.