Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes and Rockport-based Phi Home Designs announce a partnership to develop and expand the reach of both companies in designing and constructing solid cedar log homes.

Arborwall Solid Cedar Homes are a new style of custom home that combines modern, energy-efficient log home construction with contemporary style inside and out.

The two companies share a client-centered focus and a dedication to quality construction that makes the relationship a good fit.

"This entrepreneurial pairing works because it combines complementary skill sets to provide an enhanced home product for our clients," said Bettina Doulton, owner of Phi Home Designs, in a news release.

Doulton explained the collaboration takes a two-pronged approach: Arborwall's log constructed home offers a well-built, green alternative, while Phi provides advanced design and construction capabilities that exceeds a traditional architect's role. Arborwall will also benefit from Phi's established relationships with subcontractors and ability to completely finish the home's interior.

"Our traditional log home business model is based on providing dealers and builders with the components of a log constructed home," said Gabe Gordon, managing director of Arborwall. "Phi Home Designs will be an active partner that will not only construct the finished home but enhance our capabilties through plan development and sophisticated design."

"This opportunity to provide new, interesting plans as a starting point for families to design their own vision of an Arborwall home is inspiring," said Erik Durbas, Phi Design Services. "We are impressed with the quality of the log envelope of Arborwall cedar homes, the speed of construction, and the limitless possibilities for interiors," he added. "With our advanced modeling software, we can show the customer how interior spaces will look and feel, with lighting, daylight and interior finishing. The process transforms two-dimensional plans to an accessible three-dimensional experience," Durbas explained.

"Our first real collaboration will take place at the Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors Show in Rockland, Maine, August 8-12," said Bob Talbot, Marketing and Development Phi Home Designs. "We'll be exhibiting side by side to introduce our partnership and ideas to attendees this weekend."

The development of the new Arborwall concept evolved from four decades of log home technical refinement. The quality of log home construction had grown in leaps and bounds at Arborwall's parent log home manufacturing company, but the target homebuyer was often looking for a more contemporary look paired with the inherent benefits of a log home. Arborwall, with its clapboard profile in place of a rustic log look, was created with a conscious goal of expanding the appeal of log construction and offering a more modern style.

Phi Home Designs has built a reputation for high quality, custom-designed homes and renovations that bring to life their customers visions. Equipped with a complete design, construction and woodworking staff, Phi Home Designs is able to provide complete turn-key home construction from their Rockport headquarters.