A 22-year-old Rockland man, charged with theft, unlawful drug possession and disorderly conduct, told police he caused damage to the pharmacy because was angry with hospital staff because they were not giving him the correct painkillers.

Jay T. Carter made an initial appearance in Sixth District Court Aug. 4 and bail was set at $3,000.

Carter was arrested Aug. 3 at Pen Bay Medical Center by Rockport police after he put a hole in the wall and was arguing with pharmacy staff.

Carter was carrying a backpack which he emptied for police upon request. The contents of the backpack included tourniquets, epinephrine injections, dextrose injections, medical tape and gauze among other items. He admitted all the contents had been stolen from the hospital.

Epinephrine, a synthetic adrenaline, is used to treat allergic reactions.

Carter, a convicted felon, also had a BB gun in the backpack. He told police not to worry about the gun. Carter was convicted of two counts of theft in 2011.

Once placed in the cruiser, Carter became incommunicable while talking with officers and was taken back to the hospital for treatment. He was discharged three hours later and taken to the Knox County Jail.

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