Hildy Ellis of Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water District will lead a presentation on invasive plant species in Maine at Merryspring Nature Center Tuesday, Aug. 12, at noon.

What are invasive plants, how did they get here, do they really harm the ecosystem, and how to control them without making matters worse? Hildy will answer these questions and more as she explains what these plants “from away” are doing here. Complete with a large collection of examples from own back yards, Ellis’ presentation will address how to correctly identify and control these invaders, as well as defend native plants and wildlife they threaten.

Ellis is the district coordinator for Knox-Lincoln Soil & Water Conservation District. She has a degree in horticulture from the University of Maine, where she also has conducted graduate research on ornamental invasive plants.

This talk is part of the Summer lecture series at Merryspring, co-sponsored by Jaret & Cohn Real Estate and Camden National Bank. Admission to Tuesday talks is free for Merryspring members, with $5 fee for non-members.

For more information, call Merryspring at 236-2239 or email info@merryspring.org.