A 23-year-old Rockland man was arrested July 21 and charged with felony theft from a Camden business that employed him.

Detective Curt Andrick said Jeremy Robinson was charged with Class C theft after an investigation revealed he had stolen at least $2,500 from Archangel Computers.

"It doesn't appear any customers were victims or overcharged," Andrick said, adding the total amount of the theft has not yet been determined.

The business contacted police when discrepancies were found. Robinson started work at the business last fall and was employed with Archangel for about six months. Andrick said Robinson was no longer working at the business at the time of his arrest.

The thefts were carried out by Robinson using Square credit card processing software, according to police and one victim who wished to remain anonymous. Square is a mobile phone or tablet plug-in device that allows credit card processing through that device and deposits the money into an account as designated by the user. A number of complaints were logged regarding the security of the devices in 2011; Square now has a lengthy description of its security features available online at squareup.com.

"Recently, I prepaid for some parts and labor, and by the time I went in to have the work done, they didn't have any record of what I had paid for," one victim said. "I guess he had set up a Square account on his iPhone, and whenever possible, he would swipe customer credit cards and the money would go into his personal account. … The customer would never know by looking at their credit card bill."

Robinson's bail was set at $2,500 cash following his arrest and he made bail that day, Andrick said.