Appleton residents returned to the polls July 29 to vote a second time on the elementary school budget and this time, approved it by a wide margin.

When the final vote was tallied, 195 residents voted to approve the Appleton Village School budget for 2014-15 school year, while 105 voted against it.

Residents gathered at a special town meeting July 22 at the school and after some debate voted 65-9 in favor of the revised 2014-2015 school budget.

In June, Appleton residents approved a $1.929 million spending package at a budget validation meeting, but the budget failed by 15 votes when it went to the polls.

The newly approved $1.876 million budget ($51,580 increase from 2013-2014) cut more than $53,000 from the previously defeated proposal and reduced the local impact on taxpayers from 4.8 to 2.1 percent. The local share of the proposed budget is $1.181 million.