The following deed transfers were recorded from July 14 to July 24 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.


John C. Tingley and Deborah A. Collins to Jonathan Wilder and Lori Ann Wilder.


John S. Ames III and Sarah L. Ames to John D. McMurray and Michael J. Lupardo.

Russell Andrew Frizzell and Verity Lee Frizzell to Madeleine R. Martindale.

Kelm Acquisition LLC to AHP Camden LLC.

Daniel W. Dowling Jr. and Daniel W. Dowling to Kristina S. Mainella.

Janice N. Davis Trust and Janice N. Davis Trust to Robert C. Griffin.

George S. McKiernan to Elizabeth Jane Boogusch.

Carl Peter Ripaldi and Al N. Sanchez to Carl Peter Ripaldi Trust, Carl Peter Ripaldi Living Trust, Al Sanchez Trust and Al Sanchez Living Trust.

Corey J. Odriscoll to Karen Wagner.

Hilary B. Harwood to Daniel Vartabedian and Mary L. Vartabedian.

Karen Wagner to Seth Meyer and Erin Meyer.

Francis J. O'Hara Sr. to Amy Bryant Fernald and Victoria O. Bryant.


Deborah L. Deal Trust, Vaughn P. Deal Trust, Carol H. Deal Trust and Deal Realty Trust to Nancy H. Holmes and Frederick B. Holmes Jr.

Robert Paul Murray Scott and Stephanie S. Chamberlain to Molly S. Mugler and John Sullivan.


David Allan Souers and Linda Dass Souers to David Allan Souers, Bethany Starr Souers, Joanna Mae Souers, Aimee Noelle Follette and Linda Dass Souers.

Amy Simmons to Andrew Simmons and Elizabeth Simmons.


Glen Adolphsen and Robin H. Adolphsen to Ethan R. Adolphsen and Amelia L. Adolphsen.

William E. Marshall, Melissa R. Andrews and Melissa A. Marshall to William E. Marshall and Melissa A. Marshall.

Eric S. Levit to Walter Lamont Jr.

Bonnie Lee Packard to Scott Brown.

Isle Au Haut

John B. Stanbury Jr., Martha J. Stanbury, David McNeil Stanbury, Margaret Eva Grownfeldt, Sarah Stanbury Smith and Martha Stanbury Liveright to Stanbury LLC.

North Haven

David B. Haskell to David B. Haskell, Myra E. Roman Haskell and Myra E. Roman Haskell.

Owls Head

Maureen Barnard to John E. Dahlborg and Elizabeth Kaminski.

Otter Point Partnership LLLP to Marjorie S. East.

Arthur B. Stanley Jr. to Michelle A. Stanley.


Phyllis E. Brewer to Rockland Properties LLC.

James Leach Trust and Tiffany Realty Trust to James Leach.

Sheila A. Green Trust and Sheila A Greene Trust 2005 to Waldo Realty LLC.

Christopher Young and Bobbi Young to Louise Parlin Meyer Trust and Louise Parlin Hargrave Meyer Living Trust.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company Trust, Novastar Mortgage Funding Trust Services 2007 1 and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Atty to Melissa Demmons.

Larry R. Aiken to Larry R. Aiken and Tracie K. Aiken.

William M. Lowe Inc to 5 Gordon Drive LLC and Five Gordon Drive LLC.

Bernard R. Hannan and Angella J. Hannan to Avis Turner.

Rockland Congregational Church to David Caponera.

David Caponera to George Stephens and Kathryn E. Westra.

Roland R. Libby and Ester M. Libby to Jeffrey A. Dow.


William F. Slade and Priscilla A. Slade to William F. Slade Trust, Priscilla A. Slade Trust and Slade Family Investment Trust.`

William H. Saltzman to John Ross MacLean and Alison Michelle MacLean.

A total of 11 transfers from Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners to Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners.

Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners to Waiman Philip Lam

Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners to Sharon L. Lam.

Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners to Carla Witham.

Samoset Resort Time Share Estates Association of Unit Owners to John B. Hammond and Tracy N. Carroll.

Page Living Trust, Nathan C. Page Trust and Barbara S. Page Trust to Kenneth R. Bailey and Susan B. Matthews.

MIchael Levitt and Linda Levitt to Benjamin Stargardter and Ivana M. Spacek.

Patricia C. Munz to Louis B. Asher and Lisa M. Wersal.

Gary C. Dunton and Lea Anne Dunton to Gary C. Dunton Trust, Gary C. Dunton Revocable Trust, Lea Anne Dunton Trust and Lea Anne Dunton Revocable Trust.

Russell G. Corbett, Russell C. Corbet and Bonnie B. Corbett to Penelope P. Crockett and Charles H. Crockett.

Susan B. Matthews and Susan Q. Matthews to Susan B. Matthews, James H. Bahrenburg, Jeffrey B. Bahrenburg and John Q. Bahrenburg.

Frank Hatten, Judith Jackson Hatten and Judy Jackson Hatten to Alysa C. Jackson and Matthew T. Jackson.

Anne Marion Jeffries and Joseph Donald Jeffries to Susan Wells.

Marjorie H. Payson, Maurice E. Payson and Maurice E. Payson Jr. to Stephen M. Payson.

Catherine W. Robjent to Renew Vacation Developments LLC.

Stephen R. Sircom Estate to Sara Diane Goldenthal and Patrick S. Quinlan.

South Thomaston

Kathryn Susan Elliott to Conservation Limited Development LLC.

St. George

Craig S. Rackliff to Van Herridge Jr. and Brenna Herridge.

Hall Family Limited Liability Company to Jonathan A. Benner.

Frederick H. Sheehan Jr. and Viola W. Sheehan to Mary Ann Carey, Churchill G. Carey State Exemption Marital Trust, Elizabeth Burwell and Caton Burwell.


Delores Ruth Nedderman to Dolores Ruth Nedderman Trust and Dolores Ruth Nedderman Separate Property Trust.

Richard R. Robinson Estate to Andrew J. Robinson and Mary Ann Friesen.

Herbert E. Sanborn and Marion Sanborn to Ellen R. Spring.


John C. Arsenault to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Bonnie Lee Packard to Scott Brown.

Suzanne E. Brown to Jesse B. Thompson.


James Winsor Baker III to John F. Stockwell Jr.

James W. Baker III to Daintria W. McClure.


U S Bank NA Trust, Green Tree Servicing LLC Atty, Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Trust, Edward E. Colson and Jean C. Colson to U S Bank NA Trust and Manufactured Housing Contract Senior Trust.

Marc D. Polley, to Chelsey Lyn Naborowsky.

Lynn Yeaton, Jennifer L. Colson and Jennifer L. Davis to Robert Cole.

Joseph T. McCusker Jr., Joseph T. McCusker Jr. and Deborah K. McCusker to Berg Properties of Maine LLC.


Sally Gracie to Flame Gracie.

Christopher Gracie to Flame Gracie.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, National Default REO Services and First American Asset Closing Services Atty. to Mark Wilkinson.