When the Come Spring Food Pantry noticed that one of the chest freezers had stopped working, they found they had lost boxes of donated food and would be unable to provide service to their patrons without a replacement.

The Food Pantry put out an appeal on the food pantry's Facebook and Google-plus pages for a donation of a used freezer. It was one of Union's former residents, Matt Watier of Vienna, Va., and author of the children's book, "The Secret Magicks of Maine," who stepped forward with a much needed donation.

Between Watier's large donation and the arrangements of Ken Rolfe, operations manager of the Rockland Home Depot to reduce the price of the freezer, the food pantry now has not a used freezer, but a new one. It was delivered July 16 and is already in use.

The Come Spring Food Panty provides food and supplies to qualified people in Union, Appleton, and South Hope. The Food Pantry is located in the former yellow school, attached to the Thompson Community Center, Route 131 south, in Union. The pantry is open the second and fourth Wednesdays, from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.