As Back to School sales hit full swing, Rockland businesswoman Stephanie Williams has once again taken it upon herself to lead the charge to provide backpacks full of school supplies to as many Rockland area children as possible.

Williams is calling on all who are able to help the cause by donating a backpack full of school supplies to help kids in the Camden/Rockport and Regional School Unit 13 districts.

In 2013, Williams rallied individuals and local businesses to donate more than100 backpacks for needy local children. This year the goal is to beat that number.

“It was overwhelming in 2013 to see the local community get together and donate so much for our local kids. The generosity of everyone involved was amazing and I hope this year, we can help even more children,” Williams said.

Individuals and businesses that would like to help with Backpacks for Kids this year, are asked to collect items from the list below to place in a backpack and drop it off at one of the three locations collecting for the cause.

Suggested list of items needed: No. 2 Pencils, pens, and crayons, markers, colored pencils, erasers, glue, glue sticks, spiral notebooks, white lined paper (loose), three-ring binders (1 to 3 inch), zipper binder, pencil case, safety scissors, highlighters, ruler, divider tabs.

Dropoff locations:

Southend Grocery – 67 South Main St., Rockland

Mid-Coast Gym – 44 Park St., Rockland

Mid-Coast Recreation Center – 535 West St., Rockport

Businesses and individuals who participated in last year’s Backpacks for Kids campaign in Rockland were: Dream Local Digital, American Legion, Mid Coast Gym, Herrick’s Garage, Rheal Day Spa, South End Grocery, Eastern Tire, Trackside, Fletcher Hall, Christie Richards, Jamie Sagany, Bettina Doulton, Meredith Leiter, Belinda Landry, Laurie Tardiff, Cyndi Prince, Melissa Burgess, Pam Kenniston, Kelly Willis, Heidi Neal, Kelly Saunders, Angie Coppola, Laurie Smith, Leah Nickerson, Leah Watson, Ellen Benkin, Linda Leon, Paula Reed Ryder, Jamie Fullerton, Dennis Camber, Carrie Adams, Robin and Charlie Jordan, Julia and Todd Curtis, Jason and Anita Witham, Judy Tibbetts, Joni Hall, Jean Benjamin, Dixie Burnham, Elizabeth Black, Dale Landrith, Shannon Kinney, B.J. McWilliams, Andy Isaacs, Rachel Fowlie, Jen Simmons, Katie Smith, Nancy Schultz, Donald Williams, Katie Vanorse, Lisa Davidson, Hillary Jackson, Jackie Gasser, and Sandy Lowe.