Wiscasset Speedway underwent a makeover last week. The back stretch wall was pushed back, making a bit more room in the area at the oval.

Ken Minott, track promoter and announcer, said, “It’s going to help the outside guy when they're racing out of turn two onto the back stretch. It’s going to give them the room they need so they're not squeezed against the wall. It will make for better side-by-side racing."

The new portion of track was put to the test on Saturday night, July 19 when fans lined the grandstands to watch group two division races. Late Model Sportsman, Strictly Streets, Mini Trucks and Thunder 4s raced. The flex race of the week was a non-point sNew England Four-Cylinder Pro Stock feature.

The spotlighted race of the week was a 45-lap Late Model Sportsman feature. The division came into the weekend looking for its first repeat winner. There had been six different winners in the first six races.

Starting on the pole for the main event was Chris Bowie of New Gloucester. Josh St. Clair and Nick Hinkley were behind him. During the opening lap, St. Clair passed Bowie on the outside of turn two. Bowie fought back and during lap two passed him to reclaim the lead. Hinkley then passed St. Clair during lap three for second and Dresden's Allen Moeller moved up to third during lap four when St. Clair went loose on the track.

Starting back in 11th place was Josh's younger brother, Ryan St. Clair. By lap eight, he had progressed into the top five. Then, during lap 13 he pulled up to pass Moeller on the outside of turn two for third. During the final 10 laps, two minor cautions were called. However, Bowie was able to successfully hold off the pack, and raced under the checkered in first place. Hinkley placed second and Ryan St. Clair third.

It was Bowie’s first win at Wiscasset Speedway. It also was the first race he had won in 10 years, as he had taken a hiatus from racing. Bowie also was the seventh different winner in seven Late Model Sportsman Division races.

Bowie was 11th in points coming into the race with 120. The points leader was Nick Hinkley with 266. Second in points was Will Collins with 246. In third was Chris Thorne with 242 points.

An action-packed 25-lap Strictly Street feature was next. Corey Morgan started on the pole, with a rare front row chance. Behind him were Mike Brown and Jairet Harrison of Freeport. When the green flag flew Morgan got a good jump off the start and quickly gained a two car lead. Harrison passed Brown for second place. Things settled down for a bit until there was a scramble on the track during lap six. Mac Hannon and Mike Brown made contact heading into turn one. Several other cars were collected in the jumble including Tasha Dyer, Jonathon Emerson, Dan Brown, and Dave Brannon. All received damage but only Mike Brown and Dave Brannon could not return to racing.

When racing action resumed Ben Erskine passed Harrison on the outside of turn two for second. Dan Brown, who took minor damage in the lap six wreck, passed Harrison on the back stretch during lap 15 for third. Just a lap later, Erskine pulled out of line on the front stretch with a mechanical problem, handing the third position back to Harrison. Race leaders remained constant until the conclusion of the race. Morgan placed first, Dan Brown second and Harrison third.

It was Morgan’s third win of the season in Strictly Streets, and his sixth top-five finish. Morgan was tied for first in points with Zach Emerson. Both had 304 points coming into Saturday’s race. Third in points was Tasha Dyer with 278. Zach Emerson did not race Saturday.

A quick, straight-forward 15-lap Mini Truck feature was next. Starting at the pole was Matt Weil. Larry Marshall and Jeff Schmidt were behind him. During the opening lap, Jerry McKenna passed Schmidt on the outside for third. McKenna then advanced up the track, and during the following lap, passed Marshall on the inside for second.

During lap six Herb Farrar passed Schmidt on the inside for third. Then, during lap 10 Matt Curtis passed Farrar on the outside coming out of turn four  Weil drove his Camden Exxon truck across the finish in first. Jerry McKenna of Milton, who was points leader with 334 coming into Saturday’s race, placed second. Matt Curtis of Freeport took home the third-place trophy. It was Weil’s second win in Mini Trucks this season.

The Flex race of the week was a 25-lap New England Four-Cylinder Pro Stock feature. The race was not for points.

Starting on point was Jeff Prindall. Ryan Hayes and Kamren Knowles were behind him. It was a tight race, with the leaders racing in a pack for position. Prindall and Hayes raced for the lead for seven laps. Then, during lap seven, Hayes was able to complete the pass and take the lead on the backstretch.

Prindall and Hayes raced furiously for position, then during lap 10 they both moved to pass Jerry Bailey. Prindall took the inside track, and Hayes took the outside track. Prindall made contact with Jerry Bailey and spun coming out of turn four, narrowly missing the front stretch wall. Both Jerry Bailey and Prindall were sent to the back, but Jerry Bailey declared “gentleman’s rule,” saying he was responsible for the contact. Prindall was able to keep his second-place position. On the ensuing restart Prindall passed Hayes for the lead. Hayes fought back and during lap 11 passed Prindall on the inside of turn two for the lead.

During lap 14 Bob Patten headed to the inside and passed Knowles for third. For eight laps Patten and Kamren Knowles battled for third. Then, Kamren Knowles got the inside track and passed Patten on the inside of turn one for third. Hayes placed first for his second straight win. Prindall took runner-up honors. Coming in third was Kamren Knowles.

Rounding out the night under the lights of Wiscasset was a 20-lap Thunder 4 feature. Starting on the pole was Jeff Davis. Behind him were Cody Tribbet and Leandra Martin. Off the start Tribbet was passing Davis when the pair made contact on the track. Both went to the back. Martin moved to first. Robert McDonald moved to second. Trey Brown moved to third.

On the ensuing restart Brown passed McDonald for second on turn one. Ryan Chadwick started in 11th place. By lap two he had advanced up the track and passed McDonald for third. Chadwick continued his charge forward and passed Brown on the outside of the back stretch during lap four for second and quickly looked for his opportunity to take the lead. Martin held Chadwick off until lap nine, then Chadwick moved to the outside and passed her coming out of turn four.

Also starting at the back was Kevin Sherman. He started in 10th, but wasted little time moving to the top five by lap nine. During lap 10 Sherman headed to the outside and passed both Brown and Martin to take second. The former champ challenged Chadwick for the lead, but Chadwick held him off and gained a car-length lead during lap 12. Chadwick drove across the finish line in first. Sherman placed second, but his car was later disqualified in postrace inspection. As a result Trey Brown took home second and Cody Tribbet third.

Chadwick has been dominant this season, winning six of seven Thunder 4 races. Coming into Saturday’s race he was points leader with 348. Second in points was Cody Tribbet with 262. Third was Trey Brown with 238 points.

The individual race results from July 19 were:

Late Model Sportsman (45 laps) — 1, Chris Bowie, New Gloucester; 2, Nick Hinkley, Wiscasset; 3, Ryan St. Clair, Liberty; 4, Allan Moeller Sr., Dresden; 5, Dave St. Clair, Liberty; 6, Josh St. Clair, Liberty; 7, Chris Thorne, Sidney; 8, Mike Orr, Wiscasset; 9, Steve Minott, Windham; 10, Andrew McLaughlin, Harrington; 11, Tyler Robbins, Montville; 12, Alex Waltz, Walpole; 13, Danny Smart, Buxton; 14, Will Collins, Waldoboro; and 15, David Patten, Westbrook.

Strictly Street (25 laps) — 1, Corey Morgan, Lewiston; 2, Dan Brown, Peru; 3, Jairet Harrison, Freeport; 4, Tasha Dyer, Freedom; 5, Mac Hannon Jr., Union; 6, Mike Marshall, Dresden; 7, Mike Stewart, Durham; 8, Phil Main Sr., Boothbay; 9, Foster Meserve, Wales; 10, Kimberly Knight, Chesterville; 11, Ben Erskine, Farmington; 12, Thomas Smith, Edgecomb; 13, Jonathan Emerson, Sabattus; 14, Mike Brown, Union; and 15, Dave Brannon, Lisbon.

Mini Trucks (15 laps) — 1, Matt Weil, Biddeford; 2, Jerry McKenna, Milton; 3, Matt Curtis, Freeport; 4, Herbert Farrar, Mechanic Falls; and 5, Larry Marshall, Dresden. Disqualified: Jeff Schmidt.

New England 4-Cylinder Pro Stock (25 laps) — 1, Ryan Hayes, Jefferson; 2, Jeff Prindall, Lisbon Falls; 3, Kamren Knowles, West Gardiner; 4, Robert Patten, Westbrook; 5, Jerry Bailey, Wiscasset; 6, Brooke Knowles, West Gardiner; 7, John Shorey, Alna; 8, James Bailey, Alna; and 9, Dale Kaulbak, no town given.

Thunder 4s (20 laps) — 1, Ryan Chadwick, Wiscasset; 2, Trey Brown, Winterport; 3, Cody Tribbet, Richmond; 4, Leandra Martin, Richmond; 5, Kyle Dorey, Bowdoinham; 6, Aaron Sevigny, Windsor; 7, Tyler Bailey, Wiscasset; 8, James Grover Jr, Wiscasset; 9, Roy Sevigny, Windsor; 10, Robert McDonald, Smithfield; and 11, Jeff Davis, Woolwich. Disqualified: Kevin Sherman, Wiscasset.