The 35th annual Friendship Chowder Cup Sailboat Race will be held Saturday, Aug. 2 and all area sailors are invited to participate.

Although competitive, this popular event is mainly a for-fun race intended to provide a good time for everyone involved. There is no fee to enter. Prizes for the winners will be awarded and commemorative T-shirts will be available at a celebratory potluck dinner afterwards.

Monohull sailboats of any size and type, except for windsurfers, may enter. The race is run in three classes: Class A includes boats 28 feet and larger overall; Class B boats are over 18 but under 28 feet; Class C boats are 18 feet and under. The course begins and ends at the entrance to Friendship Harbor on a line running between a Committee Boat anchored off Jameson (locally known as Davis) Point and an orange Race Buoy located several hundred yards farther south. Classes A and B start together at 1 p.m.; Class C starts at 1:15 p.m.

The potluck dinner for participants, their families and friends will be held at the Martin Point Community House, Martin Point Road, Friendship, following the race at 6:30 p.m. Everyone is encouraged to come for a fun evening. Those attending should bring a main course, salad, or dessert to share, as well as whatever cold beverages you plan on consuming. Paper plates, eating utensils, ice, and coffee are provided.

There is no entry fee to participate. Those wishing to register or desiring further information should contact: Charlie Witherell via email at or by phone 832-4823; or Bill Shaughnessy or by phone 832-6243 or mail at P.O. Box 217, Friendship, ME 04547; no later than 5 p.m. on the Friday preceding the race.

Entrant information needed: 1. Skipper's name, address, and local phone number as well as a year-round phone number/email address; 2. Boat name, length, class, and sail number or distinctive markings. Class C boats lacking sail numbers should also indicate hull and sail color. Class C boats should check in with the Committee Boat prior to the race and boats of all classes should report to the Committee Boat immediately after crossing the finish line for identification.

Skippers are completely responsible for the seaworthiness, safe handling, and navigation of their boats and are encouraged to conduct a pre-race examination of the course. In the event of inclement weather, phone Charles Witherell for rescheduling information.