As passionate as he is about the goings-on in the Midcoast, specifically Thomaston, one would think Peter Lammert is a native Mainer.

Lammert was actually born in Massachusetts, lived in New Hampshire, and earned a bachelor of science degree in forest utilization from the University of Maine in Orono, before relocating to Thomaston in 1973 to help his father run a land surveying firm.

He has worked in a variety of forestry positions throughout the state, which led to his continued reappointment as the tree warden of Thomaston. Lammert said a majority of the trees that grace Route 1 were planted following an outbreak of Dutch Elm disease which rolled through the area in the mid-70s. He said more trees are added when grants are available.

Admittedly a chronic saver of things, Lammert seems to take that to a different level — being on as many boards as possible. He is a member of the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, Board of Assessors, Three-Town Transfer Cooperative Board, has been on the ambulance crew and has more than 40 years with the fire department in one capacity or another, among other town committees.

One thing Lammert is most noted for is being the fireworks technician that oversees the annual 4th of July show in Thomaston, which he has done since 1974.

The man of many hats took time out to answer these five questions:

What is the best thing about being associated with the Thomaston Fire Department?

"When I joined it was a group of guys that had a 'can do' and 'get her done' attitude. Many were from the armed services and held almost every conceivable trade skill and license. Times change and now firefighters have to take classes and pass fire
drills to attain Firefighter I and II certification. The size of trucks
has changed along with new safety requirements."

What is the biggest change you have seen in Thomaston over the last 10 years?

"An increase in traffic. Long before Wal-Mart, Tractor Supply, Lowe's and
Home Depot the through traffic was picking up. First the traffic light
in the middle of town. Then another one at the crick. Some say we
need one at Wadsworth Street. The traffic backs up toward Warren in the
morning and when that same group of laborers or tradesmen or bean
counters leave work, the line in the afternoon on Route 1 backs up to
Creek Hill."

If you could change one thing about Thomaston what would it be?

"To ameliorate the last question, I would like to see the proposed bypass of Route 1, which would take off to the north through the woods and come out at Morse's Corner on Old County Road."

Have you ever had any incidents with the Thomaston 4th of July fireworks?

"No I cannot truly say that there have been any incidents. When we rake up the debris the next morning after a show, we might find a few duds on the ground but to my knowledge, no one has been hurt. Knock on wood!"

What do you like to do for relaxation?

"Relaxation … what's that? I always wanted to have honeybees. Twelve years ago, I took the first beekeepers class and now I am one of the cadre of
teachers showing about 50 people a year how to keep honeybees.
Starting the first week of March the Knox-Lincoln County Beekeeping group
will be doing another class in Thomaston."

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