Red Cloak Haunted History Tours has opened in two new venues, Rockland and Hallowell.

The lantern lit walking tours, led by the mysterious Lady in the Red Cloak, explore ghosts and history, spirits and mystery. The tours started in 2007 with a walk in Damariscotta and have grown into a Midcoast venture with walks in Bath, Wiscasset, Boothbay Harbor, Damariscotta and Camden.

The latest additions in Rockland and Hallowell are expected draw new guests, and offer the many Red Cloak Tours regular guests fresh areas to visit.

“We really look forward to bringing our tours to Rockland and Hallowell,” said Sally Lobkowicz, director of Red Cloak Haunted History Tours, based in Damariscotta. “While we get plenty of visitors to the area on our walks, we really enjoy it when we have residents who tell us they’ve learned something new about the area they live in.”

Both of the new walks will cover the in-town areas of the villages. The walks last about 90 minutes, and the walking is generally easy, with plenty of stops at historic and haunted locations. While the subject matter can be a bit spooky, Lobkowicz, who has been a grammar school teacher for over 30 years, takes care that the stories fall short of frightening so they will be appropriate for children. In fact, several area school districts include a daytime Red Cloak Haunted History Tour as an extra curricular activity used to excite students about local history.

Lobkowicz promises that guests on the tours will discover fascinating new aspects about the towns.

Hallowell has a history that dates back to 1762, and the town is filled with historic homes and buildings, according to Lobkowicz. “There are tales of wizards, lost gold, and poltergeists,” Lobkowicz said. “Does the ghost of Luther Gray really haunt City Hall? Who is the little girl at Dr. Page's house?” Lobkowicz promises to shed some light on these questions.

Rockland has a rich maritime history, but there is also a history of haunted spots throughout the city, according to Lobkowicz. There are also tales of a haunted “speakeasy” (illegal bar from the Prohibition era), the ghost ship Red Jacket, historic UFO sightings and other intriguing legends.

“Every walk is an adventure in discovery, and we often hear additional tales from current and former residents on the tours,” Lobkowicz said.

Red Cloak Haunted History Tours also conducts cemetery tours in Newcastle, Wiscasset, Camden and Boothbay Harbor. These are done with an emphasis on history, the lives of some of the people interred, and an interpretation of funerary ornaments and grave markers. They are held during daylight hours in the afternoon, and all respect is shown for the cemetery grounds and the persons interred there.

All tours are conducted on a reservation-only basis in order to limit group size and ensure a good experience for the guests. For more information, call 207-380-3806 or email To check them out online, go to