In the summer of 1994, a panel discussion on Hart’s Neck was held by the St. George Historical Society. Fortunately the meeting was recorded on video tape.

A distinguished and knowledgeable group participated: Judge Bailey Aldrich, whose grandfather Thomas Bailey Aldrich, Boston Brahmin and friend of most literary figures of his time, who became a summer resident of The Neck in the late 1800s; Dr. Elwood Brown, a descendant of the Harts, Holbrooks and Murphys, all prominent and prolific settlers; Marion Dowling Watts, a lifelong resident whose father Harold worked for the Smith family; and sometime professor and jack of most trades George Carey, a grandson of Philip Smith, progenitor of the Smith clan that has occupied much of The Neck for more than a century.

Panel members’ responses to questions from the audience show that each had an appreciation of Hart’s Neck as a unique community and had made an effort to remember the history of the families, houses and businesses. They had acquired most of this information from older people, especially from Captain Frank Hunter.

Of this group only Marion Watts is still living. She intends to attend this program.

It is fascinating to see and hear the tape, which will be played, bring back our old friends who had such a remarkable recollection of and appreciation for the place they lived.

The meeting will be held at the Town Office building Thursday, July 31, at 7:30 p.m. There will be the usual potluck supper at 6:30, followed by the program at 7:30. Everyone is invited at no charge, but a collection will be taken. Hart’s Neck people are particularly welcome.

For more information call James Skoglund 372-8893. If you call, speak to the machine or he won’t pick up and answer.