Nestled in the woods of Hope sits a house that serves a dual purpose. When most people build a home, the purpose is to have a warm, dry place to live – a residence – but two local artisans turned their home into a showcase.

Fred and Hope Angier are painters by trade — not the canvas and easel type, but the house kind.

“This works great because people can come and see what exactly it is we do,” Hope said. “We will do a straight interior paint job if that is what they want, but usually once they see the home, they realize possibilities are endless.”

The home on Morey Hill is just the most recent home in which the Angiers used the walls, stairs, ceilings and floors as a canvas to display all types of interior painting techniques. Each section of the house allows for smooth transitions and for those who come and see their livable showcase, the understanding of depth and perspective truly comes alive.

“The murals on the walls is an option that allows the homeowner flexibility and options to how to make a boring space more exciting and alive,” Hope said. “Every piece of art in the house other than the prints is something we have created and to be able to allow people to come visit and see for themselves what can be done is incredible.”

The house on the outside looks to be a typical Maine, quality-constructed home with a hip roof and natural siding; it is not until you get inside that one realizes that the home is truly unique.

“The house was built upside down for the purpose of taking advantage of the expansive views from every window, the bedrooms are on the first floor, while the kitchen and living area is on the second. When we set out on this project we wanted create a real work of art.”

The décor, except for a few prints, was totally created by the Angiers and includes murals, ship paintings, trompe l'oeil windows, checkered floors, decorated furniture, painted cabinets, and more.

Using a variety of painting techniques, the Angiers can take a newly milled piece of pine and make it look like an expensive piece of mahogany, or a piece of poplar look like tiger maple.

Each room, filled with collectibles, antiques, and the Angiers original art, has its own distinctive personality.

“We have had over 30-years experience in this business and creating art,” Fred said. “We have done a few historic reiterations of murals, one in Litchfield at the former Litchfield Inn, which was a challenge.”

The Angiers had only a small spot on one wall that had the original design that could still be seen. They were able to repair the walls and duplicate the original design based on just the small sample.

“Those walls were a mess, “ Fred said. “But we were able to take that one small sample a recreate the entire mural.”

The Angiers are not unlike everyone else who values their privacy, but the husband and wife have been able to maintain a fine balance between having a home and using it as a show room.

The house looks much like one that is staged for sale, with every little thing in its place. According to Hope, it's not as difficult as it seems because, “we are neat and really don't have a ton of belongings to store.” she said.

Working with the customer on design ideas and the conception of a plan, to a solid up-front price is the way the Angiers like to do business and the ability for a prospective client to take a look inside the house and be able to ask “How much for something like that?” is beneficial to both parties involved, they say.

The Angiers are available to consult with clients regarding color, details or design and are always happy to help their clients achieve their goals with their artwork and/or their interior decorative painting skills. The general public is welcome to call for an appointment if they would like to visit the “showcase” home.

The Angiers can be reached at 691-0770 and are located at 162 Morey Hill Road in Hope.