Selectmen acted to slow traffic in the Lincolnville Beach commercial area when they met Monday, July 14.

The Board heard from Beach resident Ann Mills, who was concerned about drivers speeding along Route 1 through the Beach area. Mills said she had lived there 47 years, and felt that traffic had increased in speed when compared to past years, in part because of higher speed limits approaching the area. She said in the last few years young families with small children have moved in nearby, and she was afraid a child would be injured by a speeding car.

Mills asked selectmen to consider purchasing signs to go in the middle of the road near the crosswalks at Lincolnville Beach, and also installing flashing yellow lights in the vicinity of Dot's on the northbound side of the road, to warn drivers before they come down the hill into the village area.

She felt the town should do more to make drivers aware that they were approaching a congested area, and encourage them to slow down.

As they had before, Selectman Cathy Hardy and Board Chairman Ladleah Dunn objected to the in-street signs on the basis that they were more of a traffic hazard than a help. Selectman Jason Trundy said he thought the signs would help, and would not cause problems for drivers. Moreover, he said, the signs were simple and inexpensive enough to be installed this summer, while lights would be more expensive and would take more time to obtain and install.

Dunn said, despite her reservations about the in-road signs, she felt it was important to do something quickly to encourage drivers to slow down approaching the crosswalks at the Beach.

All the selectmen agreed with Mills' concern about speeding through the Beach commercial area. “I've been passed going through Lincolnville Beach,” Dunn said.

The Board voted to order three in-road signs, with Hardy and Selectman Rosey Gerry opposed. It also directed Town Administrator David Kinney to get prices for flashing yellow lights to be installed at the side of the road approaching the Beach.

In other business, Kinney used his report to extend “a giant thank-you” to administrative assistant Cheryl Ten Broeck, who will retire as of Friday, July 18. He also noted that the town has gone out to bid on paving, winter sand and culvert replacement on Slab City Road.

The Board named Fred Heald to the Breezemere Park Bandstand Trustees as an alternate, and appointed Karen Secotte to the Memorial Day Parade Committee as a regular member.

Finally, Kinney reported that one of the town's surplus floats had been sold to Alex Cohen for $255, and received the Board's authorization to sell the remaining 6-foot-by-25-foot float.