Appleton Historical Society News

We are already thinking about and looking forward to September and the annual Appleton Harvest of the Arts. We'll be looking for participants and for volunteers for the activities of that day, when we all have a chance to enjoy the artistic skills of those around us. If you have musical or other artistic or literary skills you would like to share with your Appleton neighbors, or if you would like to help set up for the event and/or provide refreshment goodies, we would like to hear from you so preparation of the program can begin. Jan Janville has graciously consented to be our initial contact person, so, if you would like to participate or volunteer to help, please contact her.

Georges River Land Trust Garden Tour

We had a wonderful time at the Georges River Land Trust Garden Tour. I went to a few gardens and they were wonderful! There was definitely a lot of hard work put into these gardens! Thanks to all who opened up the gardens for the tour. My neighbor was part of the tour, so she invited my children and their friend to have a lemonade stand at her garden for the day. They had a wonderful time! It was a great experience for them.

Town Office News

There will be a special Town School Budget Meeting at the Appleton Village School on Tuesday, July 22, at 7p.m.

July 29 from 8 a.m. to 8p.m. will be the budget validation referendum vote at Appleton Town Office.

Appleton Library News

Saturday, July 19 at 11a.m. there will be a presentation by James L. Witherell, author of "Ed Muskie Made in Maine, 1914 to 1960."

Medicare information session is planned for July 24, 7:15 p.m., at Appleton Library. Have you or someone you know tried to wade through the Medicare insurance system and found it confusing? Do you just wish there was someone who could help you make sense of all the information you see and hear about Medicare? Then this just might be the session for you!

This session is designed to provide you with knowledge about Medicare and its many “Parts” so that you can make an informed decision about health care coverage. This is where you can find the answers to basic questions about Medicare such as: What is Medicare; When and where to sign up for Medicare; What services are covered by Medicare; What is the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit; What is the cost for Medicare; What is Medicare Supplemental Insurance; When can I make changes to my Medicare coverage; And more…..Being prepared could save you a lot of worry (and money).

This event is being hosted by Appleton Library, 2916 Sennebec Road, Appleton with Gloria Rhode, Aging and Disability Resource Counselor from Spectrum Generations, your local Area Agency on Aging. For more information contact Gloria at 596-0339.