Capt. Ray Williamson, who has chartered the pinky schooner Summertime to run day sails out of Lincolnville Beach this summer, said he has not been able to run any trips so far, because of what he called “complications getting a mooring” in Lincolnville harbor.

Williamson said he had his paperwork done in February, and Harbor Master Mike Hutchings told him he would be able to get a mooring June 15, but then the complications set in.

“I've just been sort of like, all right, whatever,” he said.

Williamson said he now has a mooring, and was to meet with Hutchings Tuesday, July 15, to determine where to put it.

In the meantime, the Summertime took part in the Great Schooner race over the Fourth of July weekend, and has been taking some trips out of Camden Harbor, where she has been moored, he said. Richard Kemp, who has worked for Williamson before, is the captain.

Now, however, he is starting to get bookings for trips from Lincolnville, and he said Monday, July 14, that he hoped to be operating there by later in the week. He is also looking for office space in Lincolnville Beach, where he can sell tickets.

Williamson said several of the nearby restaurants had offered to sell tickets for the Summertime, but it would be hard to keep track of sales for a given trip to avoid over-booking with multiple ticket locations.