The following deed transfers were recorded from July 7 to July 11 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Alan E. Millay and Linda G. Millay to Adam A. Crabtree.


Nicholas D. Wharton and Patricia F. Wharton to Shelley A. Thompson and John Elliot Thompson.

David C. Whittier and Sheryl A. Whittier to David C. Whittier Trust, Sheryl A. Whittier Trust and Whittier Family Revocable Trust.

John Healy and Jennifer M. Healy to Mountain Arrow Village Green Inc.

Mountain Arrow Village Green Inc. to John Healy and Jennifer M. Healy.

Steven G. MacDonald and Bethany G. MacDonald to Vidalina Fernandez.

Catherine M. Tanzer Trust and Catherine M. Tanzer Trust to David A. O'Connell and Lauria R. O'Connell.

Minnie R. Levensaler Estate to Gerald A. Bailey and Gale Bailey.

Camille Weete, Fessenden Miller and Andrew W. Miller to Tracy L. A. Alderson and Timothy E. Alderson.

Edric Sherman and Susan L. Sherman to Edric Sherman Trust, Susan L. Sherman Trust and Edric Sherman and Susan L. Sherman 2014 Living Trust.

Tracy L. Alderson and Timothy E. Alderson to Walter H. Curchack and Stacy T. Curchack.


Donald S. Mullen III, Erin E. Spencer Mullen, Erin E. Mullen Spencer and Erin E. Spencer to Jeremy S. Ryan and Abigail Bernett Ryan.

Isle Au Haut

Edgar M. Holmes III and Gail Holmes to Todd Edgar Holmes and Brooks Gunton Holmes.


David R. Snow Trust, Charles M. Snow Trust and Richard M. Snow Inter Vivos Trust to David R. Snow and Charles M. Snow.

Ruth A. Harvey to Todd E. Martin and Alexandra G. McLean.


Margaret K. Carleton to Ileana J. Appleton.

Beth T. Gilmore and Beth T. Lowell to Michelle M. Straw.

Gale E. Eckerson to Walter F. Brill and Sheila M. Brill.

Onni C. Kangas to Onni C. Kangas Trust and Onni C. Kangas Trust.

Martin Bayer and Beverley Bayer to Lionel J. Libson and Annette Zelman.

Barbara B. Muys Estate to Jerome C. Muys Jr.

Barbara B. Muys Estate to Laurie B. Rash.

Barbara B. Muys to Brian Muys.

Robert and Joann F. Welch to Robert S. Ames and Alyssa Kay Ames.

Harrah Lord to Harrah Lord and John C. Newburn.

South Thomaston

Jack Scott Pauley and Cheryl Ann Pauley to Matthew E. Ripley and Sherry R. Ripley.

Ruth A. Brenneck Estate to John R. Brenneck.

St. George

Garrett Simms, Lindsey Simms and Lindsey Oakes to Hilary Manning.


Janet L. Kaler to Meredith J. Perry.


Carl W. Cunningham Jr. and Wayne E. Cunningham to Patrick Orouke.

Gregory D. Blackwell and Karen F. Blackwell to Sandra E. Dodge and Richard M. Dodge.


G. Brenton Creelman III Estate to Andrew Creelman Trust, Elizabeth Creelman Trust and Creelman Credit Shelter Trust.


Karen A. Cochran and Karen A. Overlock to Bank of New York Mellon Trust and CWABS Inc. Asset Backed Certificates series 2007 9.

United States of America Agriculture, Billie Jo Hill and Billie Jo Leo to United States of America Agriculture.

Thelma P. Overlock to Peter W. Armstrong and Rose Ann Armstrong.

First NA, Patricia L. Ecker and Edwin E. Ecker Jr. to First NA.


Cleber A. Cooley Estate to Gavin McLain.

John J. Gunning II and Janelle C. Gunning to Gary Harriman and Susan Harriman.