Who does not like the idea of sitting or lying on a tube and slowly floating with the current down a lazy river on a 80-degree Maine summer day?

Well, certainly not the hundreds of people of all ages who showed up to participate in the first St. George River tubing event Saturday afternoon, July 12.

The event was the brainchild of Ann Daggett.

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Hundreds of people in and on many different flotation devices, from tubes to kayaks to man-made boats, made the trip from the Warren Village all the way to the Thomaston Town Landing.

The trip took four to five hours to complete, but no one who participated seemed to care as they enjoyed the trip down the winding river, which gave them an opportunity to soak up the sun, look at the activity on the banks and enjoy their beverage of choice.

While many used traditional or more fancy up-to-date tubes to float down the river, others created their own floating contraptions. Many brought their cellphones to stay in touch, to tweet or post Facebook messages on their way down the river and several brought fishing poles to test their luck along the way.

Many had coolers and most had drinks and food, some more than others.

Daggett said next year she hopes to make it a charity event.

"This is just a trial run for the first year," she said.

The St. George River is a watershed of 45 miles that runs from the St. George Lake in Liberty to Thomaston.

Saturday's flotilla traversed about 8 miles of the river, which included the start in the Warren Village and, at one point, floating under the bridge on Route 1 in Thomaston before finishing at the Thomaston Town Landing.

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