Award-winning Thomaston author Christopher Fahy will sign copies of his newly released novel, “Gone from the Game,” at the Beyond the Sea Book Festival Friday, July 25, from 1 to 3 p.m. The festival will run Friday through Sunday, July 27, at Beyond the Sea, Route 1.

“Gone from the Game” was sparked by Fahy’s fascination with two of the greatest baseball teams in history, the 1928 New York Yankees and Philadelphia Athletics. Nick Hudson, 34, a shell-shocked World War I army veteran who was once a Red Sox pitcher, returns to reality after nine years in a Baltimore mental hospital to discover that his former roommate, Babe Ruth — whom he hates — is America’s biggest baseball star. When Nick goes back to his hometown of Philadelphia and meets an old friend, he learns a shocking secret about Ruth that enrages him. Still mentally unstable — sometimes hearing voices and seeing things that don’t exist — Nick feels that he must kill Ruth for the terrible thing he has done. But the plan he sets in motion to accomplish this goal takes his life in a totally unexpected, and positive, direction.

“Gone from the Game,” will appeal to a general audience and be of special interest to baseball fans. While it takes place years ago, it is very relevant to today. Many of those returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are suffering from Nick’s problem, no longer called “shell shock” but post-traumatic stress disorder. This is Fahy’s 12th novel; his stories and poems have appeared in many publications. Fahy has won the Maine Arts Commission’s Fiction Competition and a grand prize in the Atlanta Review International Poetry Competition.

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