Goodnow's Variety in Washington and Waldoboro have closed their doors for good, leaving Washington residents without a local convenience option until the general store opens in early 2015.

Rick Weymouth, owner and operator of Waldoboro Redemption Center — which is attached to Goodnow's Variety, said July 10 he will be closing his doors as well at the end of July.

"I never thought I'd be four years from retiring and have to find either another job or another location for this business," said Weymouth. He has run the redemption center at its current location on Bremen Road since September 1994.

"What are you going to do?" was the question of the day as locals continued to stream in to redeem their cans and bottles.

Weymouth said he has inquired about a couple locations, however said "There is no reasonable rent for this type of business."

"They'd rather let it sit empty than charge less," he said about a couple places along Route 1 he had inquired about.

Weymouth said the relationship between the redemption center and the store had been working well.

"To get this close and for something like this to happen — there's no other choice," said Weymouth.

The store, formerly C&S One Stop, located on Route 17 in Washington also closed, after having some renovations done in March.

"That has been a slow, painful death," commented Washington Town Clerk Ann Dean.

She said fortunately the Washington General Store in the center of town will open under new ownership hopefully in January. Dean said she does most of her shopping at the Union Common Market, as there are no other local options.

Sean and Amy Donaghy purchased the vacant building that use to house Luce's Barn in October 2013 at auction.

"It was vacant for nearly a year and breaking everyone's heart so we bought it," said Sean. He said they are taking their time doing the renovations, but plan on opening in early 2015.

Sean said he wants to honor the "general" part and have more than the average convenience store. Pizza, baked goods, sandwiches, groceries, hardware and seasonal items will be available. He also said some locals have approached him about selling their dairy and meat items.

Co-owner of Goodnow's Variety Janice Goodnow could not be reached for comment.

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