Had the event not been canceled, this year's Thomaston 4th of July fireworks would have been the biggest show ever — with $12,000 worth of fireworks, according to Julie Russo of the Fourth of July Committee.

"We put down a deposit to allow us to receive 20 percent more fireworks for free this year," said Russo, who added that deposit will now go toward the 2015 event and the remaining unused funds will remain in the account for next year.

Russo said the committee will meet in the next few weeks to review the events of this year and start planning for next year.

"Part of the discussion will include how much to spend on the fireworks portion of next year's event," said Russo.

The fireworks scheduled for July 4 were postponed to the next day, then late on July 5 they were canceled due to high winds.

Peter Lammert, who shoots the Thomaston show, is one of 43 licensed Maine shooters for Central Maine Pyrotechnics.

"The company I shoot for has strict guidelines for shooting fireworks in no more than 12 mph winds," said Lammert, who said the weather forecast for the evening of July 5 called for westerly winds from 10 to 20 mph.

The ideal wind conditions are 2 to 3 mph, according to Lammert.

Lammert said also when he visited the site that morning there was standing water in the areas where the cardboard racks are supposed to go.

"Water and cardboard mortar tubes and the paper wrapped shells that are loaded and fired in the tubes, do not mix at all, leading to misfires and dud shells," said Lammert.

Town Manager Valmore Blastow explained the permit and liability insurance was for Friday and Saturday through the vendor. And it would have been impossible to get another permit and updated insurance on a Sunday over a holiday weekend.

"The fireworks were never picked up [from the company] as that occurs with timing of an event," said Blastow.

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