Now that town meeting is over and most of the committees are filled, I thought I would list them so you would know who is on each committee: Selectmen, Assessors & Overseer of Poor, Brian Powers Jr. (chairman), Chris Pinchbeck, David Bosken, Kim Annis and Wendy Pelletier (vice chairman).

Appeals Board: Charles Crockett, Mary Ireland (secretary), Ronald Wright, Steven Bowman (vice chairman) Thomas Ford (chairman). Need two more members. If you are interested in serving on the Appeals Board committee contact the town office.

Budget Committee: Brittany Payson, Edward (Ted) Steel, Jean Ettlinger, Jill Land, John Jenson (vice chairman). Joe Berry, Mark Dierckes, William Jones, Bill Pearse Jr. (chairman).

Cemetery Committee: Bernie Holmes, Janice Campbell (chairman), Jean Ettlinger, Joe Berry and Marie Powers.

Planning Board: Doug Kellough (chairman), Jess Snyder, Jim Owen, John Fallows (vice chairman) Juanita Hunt, Richard Brodis and Robert Hall Jr.

School Committee: Alina Smith, Brian Powers Sr., Christine Albert (chairman), J. Michael Pierce, Kathryn Ryan.

Five Towns CSD Representative: Brittany Payson.

Now you will know who to contact if you need information or want to ask the person about what you would like to give your opinion.

Ladies Club

The Ladies Club will start up their fall meetings in September. Watch this column for the details.