For the 14th year, Gene McKeever of Allen Insurance and Financial has served as an official "subject matter expert" of questions for the property casualty producer and consultant license exams given by the Maine Bureau of Insurance.

Each year, when it offers insurance exams to those seeking licensure in Maine, the state Bureau of Insurance calls upon experienced insurance executives from around the state to review exam questions for accuracy.

The bureau seeks experienced insurance professionals who have reputations of honesty and integrity plus a high degree of specific and current industry knowledge of their field. This year, McKeever said, the group, which included three attorneys from the Bureau of Insurance, reviewed the current test and wrote new questions.

McKeever is a commercial insurance specialist, with a special emphasis on the marine industry. He runs Allen Insurance and Financial's in-house license education program. Working with the state Bureau of Insurance is an extension of his belief in the importance of continuing education for all his colleagues, McKeever said.