The following deed transfers were recorded from June 20 to June 27 at Knox County Registry of Deeds.


Ralph O. Knowlton and Jean L. Knowlton to Jean L. Knowlton, Ralph O. Knowlton and Donna E. Knowlton.

Barbara M. Dorr Estate to John F. Doyle and Carol J. Horvath.

Cynthia W. Murray and John M. Murray to Cynthia W. Murray Trust, John M. Murray Trust and Cynthia W. Murray Revocable Living Trust.

Nancy Gregory Cummings Trust and Nancy Gregory Cummings Living Trust to Nancy G. Cummings.

Nancy G. Cummings to Allen W. Durow Jr., Aoife B. Redmond Durow and Aoife B. Redmond Durow.

Alexander S. Pfotenhauer and Edith S. Pfotenhauer to Alexander Pfotenhauer Trust, Edith S. Pfotenhauer Trust and Pfotenhauer Family Trust.

Gary J. Walker and Roberta J. Walker to Jaime C. Stone and Kevin J. Stone.

Maryanne Shanahan to Weiss Hospitality Inc.

Thomas Street Associates LLC. and Thomas St. Associates LLC to Tanya L. Kibler.


Virginia C. Brooks Estate to Ellen M. Leidenthal.

Clyde K. Maloney Jr. to Austin J. Donaghy.


Ciara Elaine Collins and Elaine H. Collins to Elaine H. Collins Trust, Elaine Ciara Collins Trust and Collins Family Trust.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Christopher G. Chaffee and Julie Chaffee.

Peter S. Genthner and Dalton E. Genthner to John Canfield.


Wells Fargo Bank Na Trust, Sabr Trust 2004 Op1, Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC Atty, Elliot G. Mitchell and Mary  J. Mitchell to Wells Fargo Bank National Association N. Trust and Sabr Trust 2004 OP1.

William B. Gould to David Gould and Kristin S. W. Gould.


Vance E. Bunker to Kristine E. Ames and Troy Ames.

Vance E. Bunker to Gary D. Peabody and Kimberly J. Peabody

No town listed

Barbara Ann Prescott to Barbara Ann Prescott Trust and Barbara Ann Prescott Revocable Living Trust.

North Haven

Noah H. Davisson to Noah H. Davisson and Callie R. Davisson.


Owls Head

Roland E. Guillette Estate to Linda F. Yanowicz Trust and Roland E. Guillette Trust.

Steven J. Taylor and Matthew J. Taylor to Sandra J. Taylor.

Thomas T. Watkinson to Watkinson Family LLC.

James R. Sprague to Barbara Sprague Naeger.


Nancy C. O'Brien Estate to Sharon Rae O'Brien.

Sharon Rae O'Brien to Sharon Rae O'Brien and Lisa Lynn Wiggin.

Bar Harbor Bank and Trust and Dwayne L. Knowlton to Devin J. Fairfield and James R. Collins.

Barbara L. Crider and Marna S. Waskin to Kathryn M. Baxter.

James A. Munroe Jr. to Theodore S. Benner Jr. and Susan P. Benner.

Richard W. Files Jr. to Loraine Dubeau.

Roxie V. Hill Estate to Federal National Mortgage Association

Charlotte C. Sutherland and Frederick P. Sutherland to Charlotte Cowan Sutherland, Frederick Palmer Sutherland and Jane Sutherland Bowker.

Alice H. Hedrich Estate and Francis D. Hedrich Estate to Dana E. Little, Loretta H. Little and Jonathan F. Little.


Michael Moroz Jr. and Patricia L. Moroz to Janet P. Anderson and Kurt C. Anderson.

Rebecca J. Querry to Randolph Smith and Barbara Smith.

Camden National Bank, Robert L. Stenger Sr. and Marlene D. Stenger to Timothy P. Killoran.

Nancy C. R. Koyanik to Lynne A. Reed.

Barry Porter and Cynthia Porter to Hayden E. Orme.

Bruce A. Stedman and Sharon B. Stedman to Roger F. Feid and Maria A. Feid.

Francis McDermott and Betty McDermott to Joseph A. Salvaggio and Henry M. Donnelly.

Gary T. Spinney and Carol B. Spinney to Jennifer S. Mason and Levi D. Mason.

Dennis Kearney to Andre V. Leblond and Cheryl A. Leblond.

Cecilia Gilman and Cecilia Gilman Blank to Robert K. Karp Trust, Susan O. Karp Trust and Susan and Robert Karp Living Trust.

Hutton N. Snow and Mary P. Snow to Mary Patricia Snow Trust, Hutton N. Snow Trust and Snow Revocable Family Trust.

South Thomaston

Elbert W. Burton Jr. to Nancy Ninnis and Benjamin C. Moore.

St. George

Ronald E. Rackliff Estate to Craig S. Rackliff.

American Red Oak Trust and Michael D. Dingman Trust to Seventy Three Ocean Drive LLC. and 73 Ocean Drive LLC.

Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Robert S. Button Jr. and Mark E. Button.


JLIN LLC to Mark W. Strong and Julie C. Strong.

Patricia R. Headley to Patricia E. McDonald.

Robin L. Chapman to Holly A. Merrow.

Camden National Bank, Ronald S. Gamage and Jacqueline E. Gamage to Camden National Bank.


Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Michael Kunn and Candace Kunn.

Philip C. Tibbetts and Sandra A. Tibbetts to Barbara E. Fang.


Lawrence W. Davidson Estate to Barbara W. Davidson.

Joby E. Philbrook Jr. to Barbara E. Philbrook.

Paul F. Tasillo and Dorothy S. Tasillo to Paul J. Tasillo and Anna M. Priebe.


David A. Hynd and Gaylea G. Hynd to Charles Doyle and Jenashay Haase.

Thomas E. Harriman and Jill A. Harriman to Christie Keizer.


Merrill R. Hutchins Estate to Katherine Hutchins.

Eugene T. Hibbert to Harriett Fallahee, Martha Korth Barry, Martha Korth Barry, Richard E. Hibbert and Kathleen M. Hibbert.