Come Meet the Animals is the theme for week three of Thomaston Public Library's 40 Days of Summer kids' program.

The program, organized around weekly themes, features daily activities and events, a story or two, and some fun in the sun, including a picnic lunch outside, weather permitting. Each day's fun happens between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., Mondays through Fridays.

Here's what's happening during Come Meet the Animals week:

Monday, July 7: Alton Johnson of Evergreen Ridge Alpacas in Warren will bring some of his alpacas to the Thomaston Public Library so kids can meet and learn about these animals. Alpacas are long-haired, domesticated South American mammals related to the llama, but smaller, and highly valued for their wool.

Tuesday, July 8: Weskeag Farms of Thomaston will bring a sheep to the library, another mammal highly prized for its wool and for many other reasons. Come meet the gentle creature who cries "Baaaaa!"

Wednesday, July 9: Hollydachs Pet and Aquarium shop in Rockland will visit the library, bringing small animals with them. Come meet and learn about these interesting pint-sized pets.

Thursday, July 10: Jerry Schneider of Vermont will present a slideshow on local and tropical bats. Learn about vampire bats, the smallest bat, and large fruit bats. Learn about bat migration and hibernation. Learn how useful bats are in controlling pesky insects, pollinating flowers, and dispersing seeds. Enjoy a fun bat T-shirt craft after the slideshow.

Friday, July 11: Grace McMullan of Pope Memorial Humane Society of Knox County will visit the library to share the work of the Humane Society and introduce children to a few of the little animals the shelter is helping to find forever homes.

For more information about the 40 Days of Summer program, please call the library at 354-2453.